Essential Storage Tips for your Log Cabin

Monday, February 19, 2018

If you already have, or are planning to add to your living space with a log cabin, functionality is most definitely the name of the game. Comfortable and convenient living is high on the menu, which means you will need a whole host of gadgets and devices to ensure a pleasant afternoon in the sun. Log cabins are not the most spacious of accommodation choices, and because of this, one has to make maximum use of all available storage space, and with that in mind, here are a few tips.

||  Bespoke Storage Units – There are two ways to do this, the first is to have some timber storage cupboards built specifically with storage in mind. Anything above head height makes for clever use of available space and with top hinge opening, you can store spare blankets and towels, which are bulky items. The second method is to buy some plastic modular boxes, which can be kept under beds, or in the summer, they can be kept at one end of the front porch area. If you are ready to start viewing units, there are affordable log cabins for sale in the UK, and an established supplier would have a large facility with many show cabins, which helps you to get a feel of the design before making a choice.

||  Hanging Items – Just as in a tiny kitchen, one can make very good use of wall space by fixing some wall hooks in the right places. Jackets, coats and other outdoor apparel can be hung this way, as can an umbrella, and many other items, such as a flashlight and even BBQ tools. In order to ascertain how best to utilise hooks, think about the inside surfaces of cupboards, where you can manage to keep small things, and by standing at one end of the cabin. Look at what you can see – in terms of potentially unused space – and that should highlight the right areas.

|| Utilise the Exterior – If we’re talking summer, then the outside perimeters of the cabin can also be used. Aside from the BBQ and perhaps some outdoor furniture, there might be room to stack some storage boxes directly behind the cabin, and things will be out of sight.

||  Is it Necessary? – Ask this question about everything you have inside the cabin, and you might be surprised to find there are several bulky items that need not be there. The house is only a few metres away, and if you did decide to open that large shade umbrella one day, it isn’t far away. Rather like packing for a trip, one should begin to eliminate items that were first chosen, until we have what we really need, rather than what we might want.

Keeping things tidy will help, and with an eye for improvement, you will suddenly have a Eureka moment and realise the best place to store that broom is above the door.
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