Staying Safe On The Road This Spring

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spring is almost with us and most of us will be taking to the roads on day trips and family holidays over the Easter period. With the rise in the number of roads users around, the roads can become a dangerous place to be. To keep yourself and your family safe on the road, follow some of these simple tips.

1. Leave the winter tyres on

Even though it is almost the end of winter, the temperatures will still drop pretty low. Because of this it is best off that you leave the winter tyres on for a while. The last thing you want is to skid out of control and have to call a lawyer like to get you out of trouble.

2. It could still snow

In February and March we are still very likely to get some snowfall in areas, and because of this we will still need to stay vigilant of ice and snow on the roads. With the warm spring sun beating down on snow and ice, you will see a lot of melt water which can freeze in the shade and cause issues on the road. Slow down while on the roads to make sure that this isn’t an issue.

3. There will be lots of cyclists

In the spring, cyclists and motorcyclists once again grace the roads and this can pose an issue for drivers. Make sure that you stay alert at all times and be careful around smaller road users. Look out for cyclists on small lanes and make sure to always check your blind spot before turning.

4. The same applies for cyclists

If you are a cyclist, you will also need to carry out measures to ensure you stay safe on the road. Always wear brightly coloured clothes while on a bike as well as a helmet and stay close to the pavement. You can even get a bike light like this:

5. There will be children

Once the days start getting longer and warmer, you will see a marked increase in the number of children out on the streets and road playing with their friends. Be very careful when passing both schools and residential areas, ideally you will want to slow down to make sure that you can control your vehicle easier. Children can be easily distracted so they might not notice you, which is why you must stay alert to notice them.

6. Changing temperatures

During the transition period of winter to spring you will see a large fluctuation in temperatures. It could be warm and sunny during the day, but the night will likely be icy and first over. This means that the ground will constantly freeze and thaw, which can cause the ground to crack open into a pothole. Be careful when driving and always stay far back behind the car in front in case they swerve to avoid a pothole. This way you will know to avoid it yourself. Be careful and always keep some de-icer in the car just in case it freezes over during the day time.

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