How To Protect Your Property: Do This, Do That

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


As a new homeowner, one of your largest concerns is going to be protecting your property. You’ll want to make sure that it’s safe, secure, and that you have the means to get repairs or replacements if something breaks or is stolen. Unfortunately, because there are so many things that could happen to your home, it is difficult to keep it safe, and you are left worrying every time you leave your home. However, there are a few obvious things that you can do, to keep your home safe. So, whether you’re a new homeowner or have had your house for years, here are some things that you can do.

Do Plan Ahead

Preparation is always important, as thinking fast is essential if you want to ensure that you and your property are kept safe. Because of this, you need to sit down and think of a few dangerous scenarios, such as a burglar breaking in, or a fire starting, and how you would deal with these. For example, with a fire, you would need to get out of the house as quickly as you can and phone the fire department, but you need an escape route to do this.


Don’t Hide Keys

Never, under any circumstances, should you hide keys outside your property. Burglars will look under mats, in plant pots, and over door frames, and will find the keys, and get into your home. If you are concerned about locking yourself out someday, leave a spare set of keys with a family member or trusted neighbour.

Do Have Insurance Or Warranty

Home insurance and a home warranty are fairly different things, but it’s essential to have at least one, and usually both. Just make sure you review multiple home warranties and insurance policies before making a decision. Mortgage lenders usually require insurance, but it’s useful to have a warranty too, as it covers against normal wear and tear.


Don’t Leave Curtains Open

Burglars tend to scope out a home before they break into it. If your curtains or blinds are kept closed, especially when you’re not in and at night, they won’t be able to do this and will be less likely to risk breaking into your home, as they won’t know if you have anything worth taking.

Do Get A Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, of course, but they are also a great burglar deterrent, as they can be dangerous, and make a whole lot of noise. If you don’t think getting a dog is the right move for you, sometimes just putting up signs indicating that you have a dog is enough for burglars to skip your property.


Don’t Leave Doors Unlocked

Whether you’re home or not, it is never a good idea to leave your doors unlocked. Burglars tend to be desperate people and will take any opportunity to get into your home, even if they know that you’re there. Don’t put yourself or your property in danger; Make sure you always lock your doors and windows.

With these tips, you should find it much easier to keep your property protected.
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