3 Adventurous Summer Activities to Keep You Cool

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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One of the things that keeps me stuck at home and cooped up inside is the fact that the air conditioning feels better than the sun and humidity outside in the middle of the Summer season.  But, depending on where you live... actually almost anywhere you live... you can still find a few activities that will keep you cool while also getting you out of the house. So whether you have kids or you just want to get a bunch of your adult friends together, check out these 3 summer adventures!

Water Parks
Obviously water parks are fun for kids but even as an adult, you and your friends can have some great fun AND stay cool.  There are plenty of water parks in each state and some local pools even have water slides and other little set ups inside them if you don't feel like making a huge trek away from home. You need to remember to pack your bathing suit obviously but also a change of clothes (Splashing, hello!?), wear plenty of sunscreen, and stay hydrated while you're out in the sun.  Even though you may feel cool because you're in water, you can still get dehydrated and sunburned so be smart!

Museums are a great way to spend a day indoors in the air conditioning but still be very entertained.  There are all types of museums in all types of locations and the possibilities are endless.  Lots of people don't want to be stuck indoors when the weather's really nice but in the frigid cold of winter or the unbearable heat of summer a museum will always give you something to do and get you out of the house.  It's a fun idea to make a museum bucket list and cross off all the different places from your list as you visit them.

So depending on where you live there should be some caverns and caves that you can visit on a guided tour.  The reason this is a great summertime activity is because they are almost always cool and damp inside. It gets you outside but you still get to stay in the cool air and you get to enjoy cool scenery and learn things about the area. Here in Pennsylvania there are several different caverns but in my area (Harrisburg) Indian Echo Caverns is a huge favorite.  You can take a tour of the inside of the cave and pan for gold and gems outside.

What other activities do you enjoy in the heat of the summer?

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