How to Reconnect With Nature for a Happier, Healthier You

Thursday, July 12, 2018

We are one with nature. We are not separate from it, no matter how much we like to try. Nature is within us, and distancing ourselves from it is to our detriment. Whether it is our health or mental wellbeing, being amongst and around nature provides so many benefits. From improved air quality, to simply living a more harmonious life, here are the top tips to reconnect with nature for a happier, healthier you:

The Importance of Reconnecting with Nature

Nature is critical to our health, which is why what we are doing to the planet in the name of capitalism and corporate growth is so worrying. Not only do plant life offer beauty to the world, they also purify the air and provide us with oxygen. Cut down too many, greenhouse gas emissions rise, and, while that has so far worked in our favor by delaying the next ice age, it has started to melt the polar ice, which will result in catastrophic change to our natural world.

On a smaller scale, reconnecting with nature and enjoying more of it in our everyday lives improves our physical health, by allowing us to breathe in cleaner air and by providing us with more nutritious food. It also helps us to relax. There are so many reasons reconnecting with nature is important, and with these tips you can bring more of it into your life, starting today.

How You Can Bring in More Nature into Your Home

There are two main ways you can bring more nature into your home. One, through air-purifying house-plants that you can as decoration. Not only will they help clean your air, but they also look great in any interior design scheme.

Another way you can bring nature into your home is with your own vegetable and fruit garden. This can be done regardless of your home type. Either plant these foods in the ground, or use a vertical garden or indoor garden set-up to grow fresh, organic foods right at home. Not only will you purify the air, but you will also have the best and freshest food for you and your family to enjoy.

How You Can Spend More Time Outdoors

Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and all of those fun outdoor activities are great ways to enjoy more time amongst nature. If you live in the city, try to spend more time in your local park and book camping trips to the national parks. There are some amazing camping St George Utah opportunities out there through Visit St George, so you and your friends or family can all get out there and enjoy being completely surrounded by nature. Get some exercise, enjoy the natural beauty, and disconnect from the stress of modern life. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature and enjoy all the associated health benefits.

Reconnecting with nature means breathing cleaner air, relaxing, and even enjoying healthier foods. It means slowing down and going back to our roots. The more time you spend outside, the better. Therefore, book trips, go on walks, bike, and try to get out there more for your health and your happiness.

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