How to Gamify Your Home

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Did your life turn into a really dull never-ending routine? Do none of the activities you used to enjoy appeal to you anymore? Do you wish to make your everyday life interesting and fun? If so, here are a couple of suggestions for you.

Many successful industries have implemented a simple trick into their business and suddenly flourished. This trick can have a surprising impact on your life as well. It’s called gamification and, as its name implies, it stems from the gaming industry. Using typical game features like a reward system, adding points and working against odds in everyday scenarios has many benefits.

You may be surprised to learn that gamification has been proven to boost morale, improve attention span and enhance problem-solving abilities. The financial services industry has benefited from it most. Even the US military has managed to gamify its training routines. If you’re still wondering how this can apply to your life, it’s actually really simple. All you have to do is follow these guidelines. 

Motivate yourself

When you set out to complete a certain goal, you should always see it through. Task completion makes your brain release chemicals like dopamine, which cause you to feel really good. The more tasks you complete – the better you feel about your day. However, in order to avoid dull routines, you need to bring some excitement into your life, to shake things up a little bit.

Everyone’s life eventually turns into a routine, but not everyone feels the same way about it. Some people realize the importance of turning a boring, lazy day into an adventure and they know how to do that.

First, you need to prioritize your tasks. People usually feel better when they know they’re doing something important. You should strike a balance between difficult and easy chores. Next, you can set small milestones to help you track your progress. Also, make sure to decide which reward should go with which milestone. Reward yourself only once you’ve fully completed a task, of course.

This approach will supply your body with all the dopamine it needs. Scientists have discovered that slot games are successful because they cause unexpected rushes of dopamine. Likewise, your brain gets fired up, and you become excited once you know that a task is nearing its end and you are about to be rewarded.

Choose an appropriate reward

This step is really important in the gamification process. Giving yourself too big or too small a reward per performed task can result in loss of interest. You don’t want that to happen.

Rewards can range from taking a well-deserved nap to going on a field trip with your family. If you have to settle for something more modest, as is usually the case, you can also play games. They can help you relax and prepare you for the next task at the same time.

The easiest way to find games is by browsing the Internet. If you are into slot games or other games an online casino can provide, you may want to look at the lists like Spilleautomater i Norge, or New Casino No Deposit Bonus. These websites list many fun and engaging games that can help you relax after a hard day of work.

Playing games in between your chores can be good, too. Unexpected surges of dopamine can boost your motivation for performing boring tasks. Of course, you’ll need to decide how much time you’ll spend playing games. Good time management is crucial in the gamification approach.

Healthy competition

If you and your family are completing chores around the house together, there’s always a way to make a game out of it. For example, you can keep scores of everyone in the house individually, or separate into two teams to make things more interesting. Make sure that the losing team also gets some kind of reward, though. You don’t want them to lose interest.

Keeping weekly or monthly high scores can motivate you and your family to do more, as well. That way, you’ll develop a habit of coping with a bigger workload than you did a week or a month before. You and your family members can also have special rewards for “employees of the month”, which will make all that hard work feel more worthwhile.

Eventually, you’ll probably start enjoying typical home activities more than you used to, especially if you work in teams. Teamwork can help build personal relationships and sharing a reward can make you feel good, too.

Life is a game

The attitude you have towards life is what is important at the end of the day. Mundane activities like packing clothes can turn into a fun game if you decide that the goal is to arrange them by colors. Watching TV with your family, which isn’t a boring activity on its own, can turn into a guessing game, or a game of narration.

In short, everything can turn into a game if you want it to. The quality of your life will improve considerably, and you will learn to appreciate every moment of your life.

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