Our New Patio!

Monday, July 16, 2018

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So we FINALLY have a patio!!! You  may have heard me mention it before but we had big plans for our backyard!

This was out area right outside our porch before.

It was basically some old garden beds that I had filled with stone when we first moved in and a bunch of grass. There was no privacy so everyone that drove by my house could see the side yard and backyard.  So we decided to use the money we received as a gift at our wedding reception to put in a privacy fence and patio and we had Jack Hammer Concrete do the work!

It was actually an awesome process to watch. On Day 1 they dug out the ground.   On Day 2 they framed and filled with gravel.

On Day 3 the concrete truck arrived!

And voila!

We had to wait 5 full days before we could put anything on it so that it didn't scratch the top.   It was an excruciating 5 days but it is so worth it now!

And here's a shot of it at night!

This isn't the finished product though because I will have another post when we add stone and make everything even more beautiful!

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