Thinking Of Being An Uber Driver In Your Spare Time? Some Things You Should Know First...

Thursday, July 26, 2018

We live in the age of the side hustle. Whether it’s the monetization of a hobby, an inventive way of earning a little extra cash in our spare time or a full blown stab at entrepreneurship that may well become a full time career someday, the humble side hustle is many things to many people. We also live in an era of wage repression where the economy is always against us, pushing the cost of living just a little more out of our reach with every year that passes. In this climate, it’s little wonder that people seek to empower themselves in the gig economy by making a little money in their free time whether it’s by delivering food on their bikes, renting out their spare room on AirBnB or using their driving skills to make a living as an Uber driver.

Becoming an uber driver is an appealing prospect for many who love their cars, love driving and find it therapeutic. But before you sign yourself up, think long and hard about the following caveats...

Is your car up to the task?

The DMV has specific guidelines when it comes to which cars can and can’t be used as Ubers. But even beyond that you should think about the practicalities of using your personal vehicle for passenger transport. Your diesel truck might be a trusty steed and a great companion on the freeway but it’s a recipe for disaster for short urban sprints. Over time, soot deposits will gather in your Diesel Particulate Filter and if you don’t get the opportunity to purge it, your filter could block which could be disastrous for your vehicle. A team of skilled diesel truck mechanics will be able to fix it for you, but it will result in more expense and time off the road. Ever wondered why so many Uber cars are hybrids? It’s because they’re best suited to the kinds of short, slow paced driving that is required of most Ubers.

Moreover your car needs to be immaculate and nice smelling at all times lest you get negative reviews. And if someone throws up in it… It’s your problem!

Driver fatigue is real

If you’re going to be driving passengers on top of at least 8 hours a day working your full time job, it’s vital that you take steps to guard against driver fatigue. You don’t have to reach the point where you fall asleep at the wheel, even a momentary lapse in judgment can lead to an incident that could damage your car and your reputation or even worse result in injury or loss of life. It’s not just enough to chug a strong coffee before you start your shift either. Your initial caffeine jolt will be replaced by feelings of sluggishness. Caffeine is metabolized quickly, and blocks the receptors for the neurotransmitter adenosine making you feel sleepy. In order to stay alert stay well fed and well hydrated.

You’re not allowed to have bad days

In order to make Uber driving lucrative, you’ll need to be cheerful and personable to get good tips which can make the difference between a good day and a great day. Bad day at your day job? Argument with your spouse? Feeling under the weather? None of these things can be allowed to affect your performance on your second job… And that’s easier said than done.

Finally, all that sitting isn’t good for your health. Ensure that you take breaks frequently to ensure that your side hustle doesn’t damage your wellbeing.

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