A Girl's Guide to Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Monday, July 9, 2018

I love sunshine.   I love decent weather.  But for some reason in the summer I struggle to enjoy being outside because I can't get past the heat and humidity and the discomfort of my thighs chafing and my hair frizzing.  If you're like me then you will enjoy today's post because I am giving you some tips on how to make the best of your time outdoors despite the heat and humidity.   

Avoid Direct Sun between 10 am and 2 pm
The sun is at it's strongest between 10 and 2 so unless you want to get a tan, stay in the shade during those hours and definitely don't exert yourself with yard work or running during those times.  That's why you see people out doing yard work early in the morning in the summer and runners tend to be out more in the evening.

Wear Light Colored Clothing
White and pastels are your friend when it comes to beating the summer heat.  Dark colors attract the sun and the heat so you're more likely to heat up and get uncomfortable wearing black or dark blue than you are wearing light pink or white.  Don't believe me? Just think of how hot the black top is versus how hot the concrete sidewalk is when the sun's been beating down on it.

Wear Breathable Clothing
Opt for lower necklines, short or no sleeves, and cotton fabric when it comes to your tops.  For underwear, definitely go with cotton because it'll allow you to breathe "down there" and ladies we know how when you're sticky and miserable, EVERYTHING is uncomfortable.  Cotton lets your skin breathe and it won't feel like you're wearing a blanket when you're outside.

I know it's cliché but it's true. Every time you sweat you lose water and you get closer to becoming dehydrated so drink water!  Drink it before, during, and after being outside.  Stay away from soda and sugary drinks.  Opt for flavored water instead. Water will replenish what you sweat out and it helps keep your skin nice and hydrated.

Go Light on the Makeup/Foundation
If you must wear makeup and you plan to be outside in the heat and sun, go light on the foundation.  Opt for powder instead as it's less likely to sweat off and/or clog your pores.  Also be lighter on the eyeshadow because remember, you will likely be dripping sweat and sweat makes makeup run and crease.  If you do plan to be outside for an extended period of time, consider bringing some of your cosmetics along so you can touch up in a bathroom. 

Wear Your Hair Up
This is pretty much a no brainer.  Wearing your hair up in the summer heat benefits you in 2 ways.  First, the more hair you have laying against your neck and back, the more overheated you get because your skin can't breathe.  And second, when your neck and back and arms are sticky with sweat, your hair gets stuck to it and it just looks nasty.  So tie that hair back so you can still look good and feel comfortable.

Wear A Hat
Wearing a hat is super beneficial because it keeps the sun off your head where you can overheat from, it protects your scalp and hair from UV rays, and it can be a great fashion statement while covering up your frizzy hair.  It's also great for keeping the sun out of your face.

Squinting is not only uncomfortable but it makes fine lines around your eye.  And sunlight can damage your vision anyways so there's really no excuse not to wear a pair of sunglasses.  Trust me, you'll be a lot more comfortable with them on and you won't feel so overwhelmed by the bright sun.

Anti Chafing Assistance
So I despise summer heat because when I try to walk around in a dress, skirt, or even shorts, my thighs rub no matter how fit I am.  There are numerous deodorants and thigh rubs you can get to help protect your skin but when I wear dresses and skirts I also wear lightweight shorts underneath, kind of like shapewear but they are thin and don't make me sweat.  It protects my thighs from rubbing against each other. 

So ladies, what did I miss? What do you do to beat the summer heat or what tip is going to help you beat it this summer?


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