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Thursday, July 5, 2018

So the last 3 months I've been actively working on my fitness and diet habits.  I've been working out every other day during the week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and both days on the weekend.  When I don't work out I make sure to achieve my step goal on my Fitbit Versa, and I carefully have been watching my calorie intake. 

Which speaking of, the Fitbit Versa is awesome! It makes me so much more motivated to stay active.  I love that I can change the backgrounds and it's so easy to check all of my stats.

So hurdles....well, I basically took almost the entire month of June off from working out because I legit was just so busy. I started driving for Uber and Lyft in my free time to make more money and make up for blogging being slower in the Summer so between my full time job, blogging, driving, the dogs, and volunteering I've just run out of time.  But the good thing about that is I have less free time to binge eat so I've been losing weight still.  And I'm still pretty active from all the chaos so I still got my muscles!

As for my achievements... I got my booty back! After the entire month of May doing cardio and strength I noticed I got my butt again! I love it!   

And here's a photo that shows my progress with how my legs and arms look. I have just a few pounds to go and I'm sure by August I'll be there. 

How have you been doing?


  1. Fitbit are so awesome. I have one and love it. Way to go on your process. I'm almost to my first goal weight.


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