How My Dogs Enjoy the Summer

Friday, July 20, 2018

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I haven't done a big photo dump in a while so I figured I'd do one today and show you how my dogs enjoy the summer. Since they each have different personalities they actually have different ways of enjoying it.

 Pixie and Rocky are sun babies.  They will lay inside in a sunshine spot coming in the window if it's available.  They ALWAYS wants to be out on the porch and will stay there until I physically drag them inside. They both love feeling nice and warm.
 Unfortunately though there have been plenty of Summer thunderstorms and when that happens they all clump together and tremble until it passes.
 Stella loves laying out in the shade on the porch furniture.  She absolutely loves being as comfortable as possible. Look at her adorable leg stretched out behind her in that photo above!
 She's also great to bring along to parties. She guards my wine!
 Grace will basically go anywhere I go and lay with me as much as possible. So even if I'm sitting out in the sun, she tries to join me. I try to keep my dogs cool when they're outside though so if they aren't in the shade of the porch, I only keep them out in the sun for a few minutes.  I also ALWAYS have clean fresh water available both on the patio and in the porch.
 Pixie sleeping in the porch!
 Grace and Stella staying cool in the shade. Stella's sticking her tongue out!

I always make sure to keep treats handy for them to reward good behavior and make sure they get some protein so they have energy to play and endure the Summer temperatures.  Lately I'm loving Wellness Core Grain Free Beef Treats from Chewy. They are freeze dried natural dog treats and are packed with protein! There's no grain or corn, wheat, and soy and of course no artificial flavors and preservatives.  The dogs love these and it holds them over in between meals.

How do your dogs enjoy the Summer?


  1. Your dogs are super cute. My dog love to play in the backyard during the summer months.

    1. I feel so bad once its cold out and they cant go out anymore ! :(


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