Getting The Most Out Of Your Vintage Car

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

As the owner of a classic car, it’s probably exciting enough for you to simply own the car of your dreams. But there are responsibilities with a vintage vehicle that don’t apply to owners of modern cars. There’s a certain level of upkeep required to keep a classic car in top shape, so you need to know what you’re doing if you want to keep your prized possession looking shiny and running smoothly for a long time. Here’s some advice on getting the most out of your vintage car.

Restore it to its former glory.

The first way to get the most out of your vintage car is to restore it to its former glory. If the seller already did that for you then you’re lucky and you can skip to the next step. If your classic vehicle is looking a little worse for wear, however, then you might need to make some improvements. The bodywork is a good place to start. You want your vehicle to look bold and shiny from the outside. A fresh coat of paint and some polish will help to restore your car’s external image. As for the interior, you might want to restitch and clean the seating. This is about comfort as well as the aesthetic.

Make some upgrades.

Being a classic vehicle, your new car (or old car, depending on how you look at it) is probably missing some of the gadgets and features that come with newer models of vehicles. If you’re going to use your vintage car fairly regularly then you might want to make some upgrades so as to keep it level with modern cars on the road. You should consider getting
some tech installed to improve your vintage vehicle. You could even get technology to improve the fuel economy of your car (you’d be spending money to save money in the long-term). You should consider getting a modern sound system installed too. Being able to play CDs or even connect to your phone via Bluetooth will help to bring your vintage car into the twenty-first century (but it’ll still be a twentieth-century car in terms of its aesthetic).

Maintain it well.

Maintaining your vintage car is, arguably, the most important aspect of getting the most out of it. Your vehicle has already lived a long life, so you need to take care of it if you want it to live a much longer life. Storing it well is a good place to start. You need to not only keep your vintage car in a garage so that it’s sheltered from the elements but also make sure that your garage is dry. Moisture in the air can lead to rust and weathering of your car. Perhaps you might want to get a dehumidifier for the garage. Make sure you also disconnect the battery if you’re not going to use the car frequently. This will ensure that it doesn’t go flat.

Another important aspect of maintenance is keeping the car roadworthy. Storing it well is part of this, but you also need to make sure you check over everything before you drive your car. Cleaning your vehicle plays a big part in this. You should get some professional
car wax so that you can be sure to keep your vehicle’s bodywork sleek and spotless. You should also check the oil level and tyre pressure regularly to make sure that your car is fit to be on the road. This applies to any sort of car, obviously, but it’s more important for vintage vehicles. If your car has been in the garage for a few weeks or months then you need to give it a check to make sure that everything is operating as it should be. Even when you’re not driving your car, it’s important to check on it every now and then. If you notice any signs of rust or corrosion then you should apply lubricant to prevent it from spreading.

Drive it well (and often).

Believe it or not, you should use your classic car as often as possible. With vintage possessions, there’s often a mentality that they should be left untouched so as to preserve them. This might be true for an antique furnishing, but it’s not the case for an antique car. Cars were built to be used. When they’re left unused, they start to wither away. If you want to avoid the risk of breakdowns or other faults with your car then you should take it for
a drive as often as possible (every few weeks or so). This will keep the engine working properly and avoid issues with brakes sticking or hydraulics failing.

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