The Importance of Keeping it Simple with Pet Food + A Giveaway

Monday, July 2, 2018

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It's always been odd to me that humans make a big deal out of making sure they eat whole healthy foods and REAL ingredients but they completely throw that out the door when it comes to their pets.  Not me though, no way. My dogs ARE my family and I have always fed them like I feed myself... well better actually! So when The Simple Food Project reached out to me to work together I was thrilled.  I knew I'd get the chance to spread the knowledge to other pet owners about the importance of a simple but nutritious diet.  Their is to provide a dog food with just 14 ingredients that will give your dog all the nutrition they need without any added fillers, additives, meat meals, or synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

So yes, that's 14 ingredients per recipe!  The ingredients are USDA inspected meats, human-grade fruits, veggies, and seeds that are responsibly sourced from the US.  So yea, you will know where their food is coming from.  It's high protein since dogs need energy and are naturally carnivores but low carb because they don't need fillers and grains.  There are plenty of fruits, veggies, and seeds and it's basically a raw diet in a convenient form. 

All of the recipes are freeze-dried raw so that all of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are preserved.  There are zero added vitamins and minerals. If your dog is eating the right ingredients it gets all those naturally!    

My dogs loved both recipes - Chicken & Turkey and Beef & Salmon.  I love how it's freeze dried and it doesn't have an icky smell or anything.  At first they didn't know what to do without regular kibble but they quickly realized this was just as enjoyable. I love  how there are so many different pieces in their food.

There are freeze dried nuggets that are basically a blend of meat-based proteins, fruits, veggies, and a few seeds, legumes, and spices is freeze dried pasteurized at a low temperature and crumbled into little nuggets.

The dry roasted nuggets have the same blend of meat-based proteins and is also dry roasted into nuggets.  The dry roasting process gives them some more crunch which dogs love.

Of course there are the freeze-dried fruits and veggies which retain their vitamins and minerals but are also cut into bite size pieces for easy consumption for even the pickiest of dogs.

And nothing's complete without freeze-dried organ meat which is a natural and important part of a carnivore's diet.  It gives dogs nutrients and digestive enzymes they may not get from other food sources.  That means there are plenty of vitamins packed inside.

And just so you can see for yourself how great this stuff is, The Simple Food Project is sponsoring a giveaway for 4 winners to each win a 3 pack of taste testers!

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