Are You Ready To Talk About The Colder Months?

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The colder months are definitely something that are creeping in, but for a lot of us, there is still some of summer left. We’re clinging on to those remaining warmer days, but we just know that the colder days are nearly here, and are we ready to face those? Maybe not. Are we ready to talk about those? Probably not as well. But what we should be ready to do, is face the problems that the warmer weather might have started to cause, and the colder weather is definitely going to make things worse. When it comes to your home, problems can come in thick and fast, especially as the weather changes. So if you feel like you already have enough problems on your hands, and that you need a little break from the drama that your home in particular seems to cause, then we’re here to help. We want to show you some of the ways that the colder weather could damage your home, and what the warmer weather might have done to it!

The Damage The Warmth Will Have Done
The warmer weather does more damage to your home than you think. You might not be able to see it, but you definitely will when the adverse cold weather comes. But we’ll move onto that in the next section, what we want to talk about now is the items around your home that might be a little worse for wear now you’ve been using them all summer, such as your AC. You really need to think about how to protect your AC, because the longer you leave them in the sorry state, the more they’re going to be to repair. You should use techniques such as limiting the time they’re on for, keeping it short but more frequent. Cleaning out the filter is also essential, and making sure you’re listening out for any strange noises it might create.

The Deadly Cold Damage
When the cold truly takes over, you and your home will suffer. Your home will suffer mainly because any damage any weather in the summer caused, will show pretty quickly. For a lot of homes, it’s cracks in the roof that are making big problems. Storms and seriously hot weather can cause this, and when the colder weather comes, it can cause a big raise in your bills. So get on the ladder and have a look if you can find any cracks or broken tiles, a little trip up there could save you a ton of money!

Saving Yourself Some Money
To save yourself some money, you’re going to have to think about reducing those all important bills, which always creep up when the weather goes colder. One thing you might want to try is having your windows valuated to see if they need replacing. Poorly fitted windows can seriously drain that heat out of your home! Keeping the heating on only at night, and wrapping up during the day is also essential, the longer you have it on, the more you’re going to drain, and the more damage you’ll do to the world.

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