Tips for Ensuring the Whole Family Is Happy and Comfortable at the Theme Park

Friday, September 6, 2019

Just going to the theme park isn’t enough to make sure the entire family has a good time. Although you may be tempted to assume the setting will be enough to keep everyone happy, and the facilities and stores will have everything you need to keep everyone comfortable, nothing could be further from the truth.

A trip to the theme park should actually include a lot of planning and packing, especially if you’re traveling with children. With the tips on this list, you can make sure you’re prepared all day long, so you don’t end up having to go home early.

Make a List of Musts
Every theme park has an extensive list of rides, shows, and attractions. In most cases, spending all day long in the theme park isn’t enough time to see it all. For example, Dollywood features 150 acres and dozens of attractions, while a Disney park can feature over 100. It’s important to know what everyone wants to do before you leave for the day.

Find a list of park attractions online and go through the list with your family. Allow everyone to circle two or three things they really want to do while at the park, then make time to visit all of those attractions at least once. That way, no one returns home upset that they didn’t get to do what they wanted to do.

Pack a Small First-Aid Kit
Accidents happen at the park. Whether it’s a skinned knee or a sunburn, it’s important to be prepared. That way, you don’t have to find a gift shop and overspend on items you could very easily bring from home, or worse, have to leave the park early.

A good first aid kit is one that is well-thought out. You don’t want to bring too much, because it will be too much to carry in the theme park, but you don’t want to forget anything either.

A few ideas for things to put in an amusement park first-aid kit include:

· Band-Aids

· Sunscreen

· Aloe vera gel

· Blister treatments

· Pain killers

Include any prescription medications in the first aid kit, as well as other items, like safety pins. You never know when a spaghetti strap may snap!

Bring Snacks and Water
It’s true that you can find plenty of food, snacks, and drinks at the amusement park, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to drop everything you’re doing to hunt down a restaurant where the whole family is willing to eat. Not to mention, snacks inside amusement parks are expensive, and they aren’t usually very healthy.

It’s a good idea to bring your own snacks, and of course, bring your own water bottles. That way, you can take a quick break and eat a healthy, affordable snack in the shade, and you won’t have to overpay for disposable water bottles.

Have a Budget
It is important to budget for your vacation. That includes budgeting before you leave to make sure you can afford transportation, the hotel stay, and tickets to get into the park, but it also means budgeting while you’re inside the park.

Vacations are actually a great way to teach your children how to budget, without going over your own. When you enter the park, give each child a budget for things they can buy. When their funds run out, they can’t buy anything else.

It’s a good idea to have a food budget for everyone too. That way, if the family decides they want to get ice cream or eat dinner at one of the restaurants, you won’t break the bank.

Split Up
Going on vacation and planning a trip to a theme park is a great way to spend more time together as a family. It can be a lot of fun walking through the park and riding rides together, but don’t be afraid to spend a little time apart.

Not everyone is going to want to do the same things while inside the park. If you split up, you can divide and conquer. Older kids can ride some of the scarier roller coasters with one parent, while another parent can take the younger children to ride family-friendly rides. Everyone can always meet up a little later to catch a show.

If you assume everyone will have a great time just because you’re at the amusement park, think again. Make sure everyone is as happy and comfortable as possible by preparing for your trip with these tips.

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