2 Best anti-aging skin care products all Beauty nerds should try with the best beauty Finds

Thursday, September 5, 2019

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Everyone seems to be super excited these days about the latest and greatest best beauty finds, and for good reason.  We deal with a lot in everyday life, from stress to harsh environmental elements, so it's no wonder that it's taking a toll on our looks and our health. 

I don't post often about beauty products because I normally stick to the same routine but recently I've switched that up because I've become simply obsessed with some amazing new products.  They are by Dynamic Innovations and not only do they come in beautiful packaging but the products themselves are one of a kind.  They are very fairly priced too! 

best anti aging serum
 Why do we need reliable beauty products? Well, think of it this way... if someone handed you an unlabeled jar of gunk and told you it's collagen and you should put it on your face, would you trust them?   Now, if someone handed you a labeled jar explaining the ingredients, how to use, and what it's expected to do... would you use it?  Exactly....  And that's how I feel about the 2 products I'm about to share with you below.  I like knowing what to expect, exactly how to use a product, and I NEED to know what's in them.
Best Beauty Finds Review
 So let's check out the 2 best anti-aging skincare products all beauty nerds should try with the best beauty finds! Best Beauty Finds

Dynamic Innovation Labs Bio NASA Thermal Serum.  This serum is great.  I can feel it right away when I apply it and it sort of heats up which is done to open the pores so the ingredients inside can get down to the deeper layers of my skin and absorb any oils, dirt, and toxic stuff.  I feel like a million bucks afterwards.  A little goes a long way and I really do see a brighter face when I look in the mirror right after using this.  It's only been a week with this product so I'm curious to see what a whole month does.

I only use it as recommended, which is once or twice a week and it's relatively easy to apply. Like most products, you just massage it gently into your face.  I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then I rinse it off really well with warm water and use a clean towel to pat my face dry. If you're looking for the best anti-aging serum of 2019, look no further. It's also only $29.99!

Prestige Formula Collage Boosting Pearl Serums.  This stuff is SO COOL!  It's an antioxidant serum that has Ferulic Acid inside which a compound found in plant cell walls.  It fights free radicals. What are free radicals? They contribute towards oxidative stress which can cause aging of cells and DNA damage.  Vitamin C is important to help thicken your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines.     I seriously love this stuff, and it's very lightweight when you apply it.  Vitamin B3 is also inside of this product which helps lighten the skin.  And of course all the ingredients in this serum work together to rejuvenate your skin, give it moisture, and lighten your face. 

I use it daily, in the morning after I wake up.  I seriously feel so good when I use it and even afterwards.  I'm only 33 but my skin, especially my face, has been through A LOT. And for a product that boosts collagen, $39.99 is a heck of a deal.  

I'm so glad I added these to my routine, and I know that I'll purchase more whenever these bottles run out.  I feel so much better about myself and like I'm actually doing some major steps of action to take back control of my aging and appearance. 

Remember, it's SO important to take care of your body at ANY age.  Just because you don't see signs at the surface of aging, doesn't mean your body isn't dealing with it.  It's better to start earlier, before you even think you need it.  

 Which of these products can you benefit from?

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