6Tips for Influencers

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Whether you are a blogger or your area of focus is social media, as an influencer, you need to do your best work to grow your brand and get access to new opportunities for partnering with bigger and bigger companies.  As an influencer, I've worked for years and years to grow my brand, gain followers, and network with others in my field. 

Today, I'm sharing some tips that can help you do better whether it's as a blogger or an Instagrammer! 

1. Be Authentic

Obviously you may snap a photo of a clean and tidy corner of your home, while the rest looks like a nightmare and that's just plain normal for any of us.  The problem is when you are creating a facade on social media, say you're posting about being on vacation, when really you're at home.  That's not authentic and your readers and followers would be very upset if they found out.  I know there's tons of competition to impress people on social media but being authentic is THE most important thing! 

2. Reciprocate
If someone follows you or comments on your post, do the same for them.  Part of returning the favor is actually the fact that you get more exposure. Set time aside each day to go through each of your influencer channels and return comments and likes.  Always engage and interact with your peeps!

3. Work with PR Companies
Reaching out to public relations companies like Behrman PR is a great way to get your name out there and get opportunities to work with brands and review their services or products.  PR companies have mailing lists and they'll regularly contact you with different brands and products.  There are even some that can connect you with influencers if you are a brand yourself and have a product or service to sell so make those connections!! Anytime you read press releases from your favorite brands, see who their PR contact is.  Then send an email introducing yourself and let the relationship bloom from there. 

4. Offer Incentives
Run regular giveaways on your social media channels for new followers and for sharing and spreading the word about your channels. Make a newsletter and email list and give a free incentive when people sign up for your list.  A free printable, ebook, etc. are good ideas to start with. 

5. Schedule and Automate
As often as you can, automate everything! Set up weeks worth of social media posts that are scheduled to go live, have your blog posts scheduled and have social media shares for each post ready to go at designated times.  Figure out what times you get the best clicks and feedback and schedule your most prized posts for those times. 

6. Review Stats
Always be aware of how much traffic you get and how you're doing.  Set time aside each week or each month to log and review the numbers of followers and readers you've gained, and make notes on when your highest traffic days and times are. 

As long as you put your best effort into it, you can definitely grow your brand! 

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