Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Monday, September 23, 2019

Whether it's your forever home or just a starter home along the way, there are many ways to spruce up a house.  Some people choose to do the work themselves while others hire professionals.   Either way, the improvement is very satisfying.  Sometimes you just get tired of the same old style and wants to switch things up a bit.  

Even if you don't have much money, a few coats of paint can really make a big difference! Here are some ways to spruce up your home. 

Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom remodel is a great way to upgrade an outdated tub or shower or improving a tiny sink.  You can redo the flooring and the toilet and sink to give your bathroom a more modern look.  Some people can simply improve their style by removing old wallpaper and adding fresh paint.  If storage is an issue for you, now is the time to rethink how your bathroom is set up so that you can maximize storage. 

New Flooring
If your home is covered in carpet and you're sick of cleaning it, consider redoing your floors with hardwood or another hard surface.  It makes it easier to clean up spills and it's less likely to trap allergens.  You just need to ensure you keep up with cleaning.

Get New Furniture
New furniture can be the key to a style makeover for your home.  There are so many bright colors and fun patterns that you can use in your home to mix and match and give it a more modern look and feel.   Don't be afraid to add paint to existing wood furniture to make it look better! 

A simple paint makeover of any room or even the whole house can do some amazing things.  You can use special techniques to make striped walls, or just choose colors that pop for an accent wall.  Some people even paint their ceiling! 

Upgraded Appliances
When it comes to the kitchen, appliances can really make or break not just the look of it but the actual usage of your kitchen.  It's where you prepare food for your family and guests for special occasions so consider upgrading appliances so they are more efficient.  

Wall art is HUGE in a home.  Buy some affordably priced mixed media pieces from department stores or seek out local artists so you can display their art in your own home.  Art work and wall hanging can make a room pop even more with colors and textures.  You can mix and match or choose a theme of decor.  

Window Treatments
Curtains and blinds are another part of interior decorating that can really transform a room. The colors and textures of the fabric or materials use can add so much dimension.  Also on a practical level, room darkening shades can be a great upgrade! 

So whether you hire a contractor or you choose to do the work yourself, consider making a few improvements each year to your home.  It can be really rewarding plus if you plan to sell your home in a few years, it can add to the value, especially if your home was outdated before. 

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