Does Grime Have Your Home Under Siege?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

What even is grime? Grime is dirt that has become ingrained onto a surface. It's a very hard substance because dirt and debris has lost all it's water content and overtime it's become more and more solid. That’s why it sticks to the surface and really requires elbow grease to get rid of. It comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, it's pretty much everywhere in the modern home. From your kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and of course even outside on the exterior of your home, it's made itself at home. The trouble is the longer you leave it the more sticking strength it has. So here’s how to jump into action and break the siege in your own home.

The heat and crevices

If you still don’t know what grime is, open you microwave door and take a look inside. You might find splatter pasta sauce on the ceiling, splashes of olive oil on the sides and perhaps crusty cheese blobs on the bottom. Food can become grime overtime as it loses water content and just gets mixed in with dirt and debris. To get rid of grime in the microwave you’re going to need a few things. Because it's an area with lots of heat and crevices, you need to use steam to your advantage. Fill a bowl halfway with water and put it in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. The steam will loosen the grime first which makes it easy to scrub off. Grab a coarse scrubber and use your normal household dishwashing liquid mixed in with a little bleach and get to work. The grime should completely come off after 2 or 3 times this process is done.

The grime traffic jam

The exterior of the home isn’t protected against grime at all. At least inside you have surfaces like tile and metal which are grime resistant. However the outside of the home is made up of materials designed to withstand heat, rain and wind. Plastic gutters often have a lot of grime in them which is why they end up being blocked. The leaves that fall into the gutter, have been covered in rainwater, dirt, bird droppings, insect excrement, bits of soil, small stones and their own sticky glue. It causes a traffic jam which takes a trained hand to properly clear. You can always hire professional gutter cleaners that can not only clear out the gutters but scrape away and clean the grime off the surface.


The dreaded task

If you thought the microwave was going to be tough wait until you open up your oven. Here is where extreme heat is used for cooking meals. However the oven door, the racks and the surface of the insides is where grime tries to stick. You need to use iron wool and boiling water and an acidic formula made from cider vinegar and lime juice to clear this one.

Grime is something that takes time to gather but once it grabs hold, it's very tough to remove. Your home may be under siege right now, so make sure it's not allowed to fester.

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