Cleansing Sticks + Rose Water

Friday, September 27, 2019

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Cleansing Sticks + Rose Water

If you follow me on ANY social media channels, you've likely seen my little cleansing wands/sticks/bouquets that I have made using flowers from my own yard.  They are SUPER fun to make and I feel it's a great use of flowers that will eventually just die off.  I wanted to share some of them in this post and also explain why and how I make them.  Also, I want to share a way that I keep hydrated with NATURAL rosewater!

 Unfortunately, some are too pretty to ever set a flame to so I think I will always use some simply as decor.  What made me start making these was the abundance of herbs and flowers in my yard and the annoyance with the sage sticks I've bought in stores that are wound so damn tight, no air can get in. 

So I went outside and picked some flowers and grabbed some string and just kind of did my thing.  I didn't read anything about how to do it at first but it seemed pretty obvious. 

 Then I got really creative and started wrapping crystals in the sticks I was making.   First of all they look beautiful but even without a crystal, these smell AMAZING!   But how did I really do it? 

Honestly, it's so easy. Gather herbs and flowers. 
Make a bundle and tie the bottom.  
Wrap the string up and down very tightly. 
Tie a knot at the bottom. 
Set in a sunny windowsill for several days.
Hang upside down to finish drying for 1-2 weeks. 

 If you sit there and obsess about doing it perfectly, you will fail EVERY TIME because you just have to go for it.  Let your intuition guide you. 

People have told me I should sell these on Etsy...would you buy them if I did?  

So anyways....

I have also discovered something amazing.  I mean truly AMAZING and heavenly-H2rOse!  It's a rosewater beverage that is infused with not just rose but also saffron.  It's great for people that are health-conscious but live very busy lives.  And if you're a vegan, H2rOse is a great choice.   But why do this to water? 

Well, first of all, most of us struggle to drink enough water and oddly enough, water and staying hydrated is literally the key to anti-aging and improved skin complexion.  70% of our population is chronically dehydrated and 85% of people are dealing with some type of skin condition or irritation. Well... DUH! 

 That's where H2rOse comes into play.  You see, water keeps skin soft and supple and the more your skin dries the less elastic it is.  This can be caused by everyday things like hot water, soap, and dry air.  So if you drink more water on a regular basis you're more likely to reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process.  Not only that but water is great for cardiovascular health because dehydration lowers your blood volume so your heart has to work much harder to pump and get enough oxygen to your cells.  This is why some people get winded so easily from simple things like walking upstairs. 

Especially in the Summer, water keeps you cool when your body releases heat.  But when you don't get enough water, it takes a higher environmental temperature to trigger your blood vessels to widen so you can stay much hotter than everyone else. When it comes to muscles and joints, water helps contracting muscles and provides the right nutrients so you can perform better without getting stiff and cramped.  Water actually lubricates your joints.

And of course, what most people already know...water cleanses you both inside and out.  Your kidneys use water to filter waste from the blood (this is why you pee) and when you stay hydrated you may be able to prevent UTIs and kidney stones! When you are dehydrated to a severe degree, your kidneys can stop working and it causes toxins to build up in your body. 

So yes, water is quite literally one of the most important things on our planet. 

So what does this have to do with H2rOse? Well, for people like me that get bored with regular plain water, H2rOse tastes AMAZING and has REAL ROSE WATER!  So you are doing something great for your body and enjoying the taste.  There are only 40 calories per bottle and drinking H2rOse can improve your skin, boost your mood, decrease your mindless eating, ease digestion, help you sleep better, and obviously HYDRATE YOU! 

H2rOse comes in several different flavors.  My personal favorites are apple and peach.  You can buy H2rOse in 12 packs OR sign up for a monthly subscription.  I seriously don't think I can ever drink plain water again. 

Do you drink enough water? Would something like H2rOse help you drink more? 

Cleansing Sticks + Rose Water

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