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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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You may recognize the brand Teddy Blake from a few months ago when I did my Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello handbag review.  Well, I'm back with another bag to review and this one has me super obsessed!  I have always been obsessed with Teddy Blake! I love working with them, I love their customer service, I love their bag options, and I love their social media feeds. 

So let's look from the inside out, at my new Teddy Blake handbag, the Vanessa Palmelatto!

So for starters I'm a girl that needs a large handbag but still likes style and a sleeker  look on the outside. This bag is PERFECT for that! It's got that neat semi-structured look with tons of room inside.  There's a zipper pocket that divides the pack into two open compartments.   There are no other inside pockets besides the zipper pocket but it is big enough to hold everything I'd normally put in any interior pockets. 

The exterior is SOOOO soft and you can smell how fresh the leather is on this brand new bag. This bag was made in Italy and has a real suede interior with gorgeous silver toned hardware and a little decorative Teddy Blake keychain attached to it.

When it comes to size it's got a 7" handle drop but also a 50" adjustable shoulder strap that you can remove.  Even with the 7" handles, I am able to push this up onto my shoulder briefly.  The bag measures 12" high, 14" wide, and 11" long.   

Seriously I love this bag.  It literally fits EVERYTHING I need and the bag itself is nice and lightweight.  Normally, I use a bag that is weighed down with heavy hardware before I even put anything in it. 

It also seems to have durable handles the way they are attached to the bag.  I have had $200 bags nearly lose a handle because they couldn't handle the weight of my items.  That's SOOO not okay.  This bag seems VERY durable.   The exterior and interior both feel so soft to the touch.

When it comes to styling a bag like this, it's a great addition to almost any outfit that has any kind of lighter tones.  I used my pink "hippie" pants that are basically a light blush color and a simple white tank to go with my bag here.   I've used bright bags through every season so I can't wait to show you how I style it in the Fall, Winter, and Spring! 
I had zero issues with being able to root around inside the Vanessa Palmelatto bag because honestly, it's spacious as heck!  And the little feet on the bottom of the bag are nice because it gives me peace of mind when I set it down somewhere, although I rarely set my precious bags down on the floor! 

Oh and did I mention it came in a BOX?! Yes!! A BOX!! Ya'll! I've never owned a handbag that came brand new in the box! And it came with a stunning black luxurious dust cover for storage. 

I can not sing the praises of this bag or this brand enough.  If you are looking for a higher end, DURABLE, gorgeous handbag that is versatile and able to actually carry all your essentials, YOU NEED the Vanessa Palmelatto Handbag from Teddy Blake! 


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