Home Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Health

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Your home is supposed to be the place you can relax in. It is supposed to be a place of comfort and good living. Your home isn't supposed to make you feel unwell, but as is quite often the case, the opposite can be true.

So, if you have been suffering from ill health recently, your home might be to blame.

Here are two of the reasons why.

#1: There are signs of damp around your property

Have you been suffering from coughs or colds recently? Have you felt irritation in your throat? If so, it might be because of damp problems within your home. If not dealt with, you might eventually start to develop asthma and other respiratory health issues that affect your long-term health.

Thankfully, the signs of damp are quite easy to spot.

Musty smells, discolored walls, peeling wallpaper, unexplained wet patches, and signs of mold, are all indicative of a damp problem within your home.

Now, there are various reasons as to why your home might be suffering from a damp problem. If your home is poorly ventilated, signs of damp will occur because the air in your home will hold a greater amount of moisture. You might have a plumbing issue, perhaps with a cracked pipe underneath your property that might necessitate the need for slab leak repair. And your guttering might be blocked, and this will cause water to seep into your home. These are but a few reasons why, but it's worth spending more time researching possible causes online.

Our advice? Call out a plumber for any guttering and plumbing issues, or a mold specialist if you have telltale signs of this unsightly problem around your home. And if your home is poorly ventilated, you might want to install an extra window or two, and especially in your bathroom and kitchen, an exhaust fan to release trapped moisture.

#2: Your home is cold

Especially during the winter months, your home is going to feel colder than normal. Now, while you might be tempted to put up with the problem, especially if you're trying to keep your heating bills down, you could be putting your health at risk. Not only will you start to suffer from the common cold, but you might also be putting yourself at risk of pneumonia and high fluctuations to your blood pressure.

Thankfully, it is possible to have a warmer home without seeing a hike in your heating bill. Have a look at our winter warming tips, which are not only useful for the chilly season but which should be implemented around the year if your home is colder than most. And while some of our suggestions will require some expense, especially if any repairs are needed around your property, you will start to notice both the financial and the health benefits eventually.


Spending time in your home is supposed to be conducive to good health, especially if you take opportunities to rest and relax. But if you have been feeling unwell because of the issues we mentioned, then you need to get on top of them now. You will start to feel better if you do, not only on a physical level but on a mental level too as you will suffer less stress because of the issues we have covered.
Take care then, and thanks for reading.

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