Product marketing in the digital age

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Some people get really overwhelmed with technology these days, especially when it comes to running a business or trying to grow their company.  The thing is, technology and the digital age are actually making things a bit easier AND they’re giving us a lot of new options to use for marketing to potential clients and customers. Companies like Universal Manufacturing Corp. are discovering how to best meet client needs even in this time of high tech gadgets, digital ads, and social media. 

So how do you navigate this type of world? Well, here are a few tips! 

Take advantage of digital advertising.
Whether it’s online ads through websites, newsletter marketing, or social media sponsored posts, do what you need to do to reach your target audience.  It’s important that you are getting exposure everywhere possible and since most people are using the tending methods for technology, internet, and social media, you need to do the same. 

Invest in a graphic designer.
Your webpage and any marketing or advertising will need to look great and be done by a professional.  Invest the money in a professional to do logo design, advertising design, and create a user friendly website that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t have glitches.  Make sure your site is mobile friendly since pretty much EVERYONE visits websites on their smartphones these days. 

Network online.
Networking in real life is great, but online is even better.  Get to know the people that contact you, read your blog, subscribe to your newsletter, and comment on your social media.  This is a great way to build relationships and trust with customers, clients, and even others in your field. The good news is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, simply through your phone or computer. 

More affordable.
There are times when digital advertising is more affordable than print advertising.  This means you absolutely must take advantage of advertising in this way! Also when it comes to money, make sure you are tracking your expenses and income electronically and backing it up on at least a weekly basis. 

Automate as much as possible. 
There are plenty of programs and websites out there that allow you to automate social media posts, newsletters, blog posts going live, and if you take the time to set it up each month, you can relax and let things automatically happen for the next few weeks. Do this whenever possible, trust me! 

Protect yourself.
The internet is a scary place at times so be sure to protect yourself and your computer.  Install anti-virus software, be wary of sites you visit on the internet, and back up everything you do. You never know when your computer will crash and you’ll lose it all. Trust me.  Invest in space on a cloud or an external hard drive. 

Expanding your business and customer base in this day and age can be very convenient and much easier than in days past.  With technology everywhere, we’re able to connect with people instantly no matter what part of the world they’re in.  

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