7 Ways To Look After Your Smile

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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Want to preserve your smile? Here are just 7 tips for looking after your teeth and keeping your smile beautiful.

Keep a good brushing regime

The obvious way to protect your smile is to have a good brushing regime. You should ideally brush your teeth twice per day for two minutes each time. Many people make the mistake of using a vigorous back and forth motion when it’s actually better to brush each tooth individually using small circles. Always angle your toothbrush towards the gums.

Change your toothbrush

After three to four months, the bristles on most toothbrushes start to blunt. This causes them to become a lot less effective at getting rid of plaque. For this reason, make sure that you’re replacing your toothbrush every three to four months.


Flossing can be important for getting plaque out from in between your teeth. If not removed, this plaque can lead to decay, as well as gum disease. Always use dental floss to clean in between your teeth – try to use a gentle motion so that you don’t damage your gums or teeth.

Chew gum

Chewing gum throughout the day can help to pick up placque in between meals, keeping your teeth cleaner. Of course, you should make sure that this is sugarless gum.

Drink more water

Staying hydrated is also good for your teeth. Drinking water helps to clean the teeth by washing away plaque while also helping the production of saliva. Try not to let your mouth get dry, as this is when bacteria breed and your teeth will get the most damaged.

Know when to get professional treatment

It’s important to know when it’s time for a teeth cleaning from your dentist. Tartar could be a good sign that you need professional cleaning. Meanwhile, any toothache is also a sign that you should go and see your local dentist. Getting a toothache seen to early could prevent it turning into a serious infection and could save your tooth.

Cut down on soft drinks

It’s important to also consider the things that could be damaging your smile. Soft drinks are some of the biggest culprits – they coat every surface of your teeth with sugar. Try to drink more water and less soft drinks if you can. Zero-sugar soft drinks could be another alternative. You can also reduce damage by sipping through a straw so that you’re not swilling the liquid around your mouth.

Quit smoking

Smoking can also be harmful to your smile. It can discolour your teeth and it can also lead to gum disease. Consider quitting smoking if you want to preserve your smile.


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