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Friday, November 1, 2019

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There are so many fun products I discover on a regular basis so I always like dedicating an entire post every month or so to what I’ve been using and sharing these new products with my readers.

First of all, talk about self care - which I always preach about. But there’s honestly just something about putting on a face mask and relaxing on a random evening especially when it gets chilly out. I’m currently OBSESSED with these Transforming Liquid Rose Gold & Liquid Foil Masks. First of all, I’m obsessed with anything gold or rose gold and these literally go on just like liquid gold!! The liquid foil treats dry and flaky skin which I always have this time of year and it gets rid of the icky dead skin cells. It turned my tired aging face to a youthful joyful smiling one.

The rose gold mask has really helped me with my problem areas that I struggle to cleanse on a daily basis and it leaves my skin super soft and with a nice even tone to it. I just used the Rose Gold one last night and was loving how quickly it dried and how fun it was to peel off. These two together are in a little travel kit and sell for $12 so they are great in a stocking or as a gift for a daughter or niece!

And I’m SUPER excited to share with you a way I’ve been having more energy throughout the day without any gimmicks. So I know all about superfoods and how important they are but I’m limited on time and money and energy, obviously, so making fancy superfood snacks and meals isn’t on my list of priorities at the moment. Then I discovered VOKE! VOKE has a chewable superfood tablet that actually clears brain fog, improves my mood, and gives me clear thinking. I really needed this because I am up at 5:20am everyday and I work from 7-3. Then I need my energy in the afternoon and evening for blogging, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, and just plain living life. So what VOKE has done is created a portable energy solution to create a balanced and sustained energy boost without the sugar, sweeteners, or excessive vitamins. The creators used tons of scientific research to put together their perfect blend of ingredients.

Inside each VOKE tablet is a blend of organic Guarana Berry seed, Acerola Cherry, Red Beet, and natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine so you get a great lift in your focus and energy. You can use it when you’re exercising or if you just need to get through the work day. The reason this works is because our bodies naturally have this up and down cycle each day called the diurnal body timing pattern. These patterns completely affect how we think and feel during the day. The superfood ingredients in VOKE help smooth out that cycle so we can be more focused and emotionally upbeat during the day, since unfortunately society doesn’t cater to our patterns.

It’s so simple, I just take one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s given me so much motivation to do stuff both physically and mentally. I no longer feel an afternoon crash where I can’t stop yawning and just want to sleep as soon as I get home. I am in such a better place of mind and I am making smarter decisions and being much less impulsive. I used to come home and want to binge eat unhealthy food. Now I come home, stay active, get things done, and cook a healthy dinner. I am STOKED that something like this finally exists for people on the go like me. You have to try VOKE out and if you use the code ASKAWAY you get 20% off your order!

Another awesome product I’ve recently started using is by PATCH. PATCH Strips are natural adhesive bandages. Being all natural means they are biodegradable and organic. They are actually made from bamboo which is a rapidly renewable resource and it grows much faster than trees, uses less water, and produces up to 35% more oxygen. Plus you don’t need to use harsh chemicals on it. These are company values that mean a lot to me. They are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and PATCH is plastic, latex, and toxin free. This is legit the first natural wound care solution that’s made from natural resources. They come in different styles and are great for sensitive skin. Such a great addition to your first aid kit and they make a great stocking stuffer especially with their adorable packaging.

Keeping my Closet Fresh
You know I am a girl that LOVES a clean and organized closet, so is it any surprise that I am using Ever Bamboo’s Closet Deodorizer and Dehumidifier?  It’s so convenient and it just hangs right in the closet.  Inside is Bamboo charcoal which has a porous structure to it that allows it to work as BOTH a deodorizer AND a dehumidifier.  It can last up to one year with the right care. Each month you’re supposed to leave it outside under direct sunlight for 2-3 hours per side.  The best part is that when you’re all done with it, you can just cut open the pouch and use the charcoal in your soil to help regulate moisture.
I also use their Shoe Deodorizer and Dehumidifier and it’s made a huge difference! I place one pouch in each shoe when not being worn.  It’s actually great because my boots and sneakers no longer have that icky sweaty musk to them.   Seriously ladies, get this stuff for your closet!

Speaking of closets, it’s time to layer! My favorite outfit lately is this Black and White Checkered Button-Up Shirt from Bollie Brand. I love the two tone pattern and it’s so comfy underneath a cozy sweater.  The black and white makes it a neutral pattern that I can wear with pretty much any color.  Layering is fun because it extends your wardrobe from other seasons. Wear more layers to keep warm and deal with the colder weather.  And if you get too hot, just take a layer off. This is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe now! 

What are you loving lately?

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