The Problem Might Be Right Under Your Nose! Minimizing Allergies In The Home

Friday, November 1, 2019

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In this modern world of illnesses around every corner, it's important that you look after yourself. And while now, people seem to be allergic to everything, we've got to figure out how to keep this monkey off our backs. The best place to begin is in our home. Believe it or not, there are so many allergies lurking, that if we've got a tickly cough or we sneeze a bit too much, the problem may very well be in the home we inhabit. What are the best way to minimize allergies in our home?

Deep Clean The Place
With something like asthma, it is usually due to dust mites and allergens trapped in rugs and carpets. The best place to begin is to ensure that not only are your air filters clean so they don’t spit dust out all day long, but make sure that the carpets are properly clean and free of dust mites. There are plenty of ways to do this, from companies like Devine Rug Care to investing in a steam cleaner and high-quality vacuum to make the environment more breathable.

Check Your Gut Bacteria
There's more research being done on gut bacteria and how an imbalance can be the cause of numerous allergies. Fixing your gut bacteria is a combination of a good diet and ensuring you also have an abundance of probiotics and prebiotics. Because if you feel prone to allergies, increasing your probiotic intake, through foods like kimchi, could make a big difference.

Is It Something You Are Eating?
And if you continually have issues that feel like you have a cold, it could very well be due to something you have have an intolerance or allergy to. These days there are more food allergies than ever. And if you are someone who doesn't think that you have a food allergy, but you're always feeling run down, you should try something like an intolerance test. You may very well not have an allergy, but a sensitivity to a foodstuff like gluten or lactose.

Are You Breathing Right?
It's a little thing, but it's something we all take for granted. When it comes to various allergies in the home, and beyond, it may very well be due to our lung capacity, but also, whether we are breathing in the right way. Because it seems that now there are more allergens than ever, we can correlate this with something like increased pollen in the air, poor diet, but also, if there are more toxins in the air causing us to breathe improperly. It's always worth checking your breathing capacity, but also see if you are breathing right. For example, if you breathe through your mouth, rather than your nose, you are potentially letting more toxins into your body. Because your nose act as a filter, it may be worth thinking about breathing through your nose rather than your mouth.

Allergies in the modern world are commonplace, but we don't have to let them take over our lives. Minimizing allergies begins at home.


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