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Monday, November 25, 2019

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The holidays are fast approaching, so grab some of these good books and relax in between festivities. 

The Arrangement by Robyn Harding

WOW! A young woman signs up as a sugar baby and falls very deeply in love with her sugar daddy. Problems start popping up and she's shunned from her former life.  But then someone ends up dead and all the evidence points to her. This was scandalous and juicy! 

Create by Marc Silber
This book was super motivating.  It basically gets you pumped to let out your creative side, which we all have, but we just need to get in touch with it first.  He really does a great job of breaking down the creative process and making it fun.  No matter what you want to create in life, this book is a great starting point! 

Designology by Sally Augustin 
Such a  great book.  I never realized how we use the space we live in to express ourselves as much as I learned after reading this book.  Sally explains what a Placetype is and how we can shape the home around us into our ideal expressive humble abode.  I am so inspired and have so many fun projects for the Winter now! 

The Crafty Gardener by Becca Anderson
Whether you are great at gardening or just getting started, this book is packed with DIY ideas and ways to garden no matter how big or small your home or yard is.  Not only that but she explains different types of flowers and herbs and how to use them beyond just gardening.  Whether it's essential oils or preserving your own produce, this book will break it all down for you!

Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington
This book is a must read for every woman out there, regardless of age. The ins and outs of self care, handling your money, and living your best life is what Karen covers and this book is so inspiring.   

Zen Bender by Stephanie Krikorian
This book was super fun. Stephanie is so funny and goes over how she has legit done it all to find her zen.  I soooo related when she mentioned stuff like Marie Kondo! At the end of the day though this book is a great and encouraging read that reminds us all that we're just trying our best to get through each day and hopefully find some zen in between the chaos.

10-Minute Declutter by Skye Alexander
This book was a nice easy read but very motivational. It explains how not just the clutter you have but where it sits can impact you and why it’s important to get organized in all aspects of life. Everything from your work cubicle to your linen closet, this book has amazing tips. I love the idea of using a board instead of post it notes and a lot of the suggestions in here are environmentally friendly too!! I’m seriously a HUGE sucker for books like this and read them all the time, but this one is by far a new favorite and it even got me re-evaluating my current declutter system.

10-Minute Feng Shui by Skye Alexander
Most people have heard the term feng shui but have no clue what it is. This book explains how the Chinese art of placement can help you in all aspects of life from health to finances. There are simple and easy changes that all of us can make and this book is VERY easy to follow. It’s almost like a magical remedy book with things like yellow flowers to increase wealth and hanging bells from your front door to bring happiness into the home. These tips and tricks can be used by anyone in any home.

10-Minute Tidy Home by Sara Hunter
Seriously, who DOESN’T have 10 minutes to spare? With over 400 ways to get an organized home this is a great tool to improve your life and your living space. The tips in this book are very effective and cover every room in the house. There’s also a lot of great tips for reusing things and cutting back on your overall waste output. A book like this would also make an amazing gift for pretty much anyone on your Christmas list!

Creative Journaling by Renee Day
This is an awesome book for the creative souls out there that love journaling and crafting. It’s packed with easy to follow instructions that has projects like making your own washi tape, making a customized planner, and making to do lists. I love that it helped me feel more comfortable working with paints and brush pens because I’ve always felt nervous about that. It also teaches some really cool hand lettering tricks! This is a must have book for anyone that wants to really get more in touch with their creative side.

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