Tips for Keeping Your Home Super Clean When You Share with Dogs

Monday, November 25, 2019

Dogs can be an excellent addition to any family. They’ll help you get more exercise, give you something to love, and offer loyalty and support when you need it. Your dog will be a lifelong friend, and there are many advantages to owning a dog. But, some things might put you off. You might worry about your home for one.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been to the home of a friend with a dog, to find that their whole house smells like a dog, there are hairs everywhere, and there’s a general air of pet all over. It doesn’t have to be like this, however. There are also homes where you’d find it hard to tell that a dog lived there unless you saw it or its possessions. Let’s take a look at some ways to keep your home super clean when you’ve got a dog.

Learn More About Your Dog

Dogs aren’t all the same. Much like people, they have different habits and natures. Some dogs shed a lot of hair. Others shed less than long-haired people. Some are lazy. Others love running around outside and are always on the go. Some dogs like to be messy and hate being groomed, and others actually prefer to be clean. Learn more about caring for a great dane, or whichever dog you are interested in, and you’ve already got a head start on keeping your home clean.

Keep the Dog Clean
The cleaner your dog, the cleaner your home will be. Make sure your dog has regular baths, and that you keep them calm during bath times so that you can shampoo them effectively. Then, pat them dry with a clean towel, to stop them smelling like, well, a wet dog.

Groom Them
Many breeds of dog shed hair. If you spend time brushing them regularly, this is when they will lose most of their hair. It will be easy to control. If you never brush them, they’ll shed all over.

Keep Pet Wipes Near the Front Door
Dogs need walking, but while they are out on walks, they pick up mud and dirt. They might also walk in leaves and other debris, especially in the winter. But, unlike humans, they don’t remove shoes and other outdoor wear by the door. So, keep some pet wipes and a clean towel by your door so that you can wipe them as soon as they get in before they walk dirt all over the house.

Choose the Right Household Cleaners
When buying household cleaners, from sprays and detergents, to vacuum cleaners, make sure you get ones that are suitable for pet hair. Invest in the tools that you need to keep your home clean, and it will be much easier.

Choose Easy to Clean Fabrics and Materials
It’s also worth investing in easy to clean fabrics and materials. A wooden floor is easier to keep clean than a thick, wooden carpet, and a leather sofa is easier to wipe clean than fabric.

Control Clutter
Dogs, like children, come with plenty of toys and other paraphernalia. Make sure you’ve got easy to use storage so that you can keep things tidy.

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