Nourish Yourself with the Amerian Farmer Produce Box

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Imagine for a moment, FRESH produce delivered to your door, all year round! And that produce….your purchase of it directly supports American Farmers. That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Personally, I get so frustrated trying to find decent produce at my local stores and using it before it goes bad since it’s already half way gone by the time I actually purchase it. This has always been a problem for me, so I end up eating not enough vegetables and fruits and it’s just a vicious cycle. Which is why American Farmers is my new hero. Customer can get a weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly box delivered straight to their doorstep. Each week, the head farmer picks what will be in the box and by purchasing from American Farmers you are directly supporting the farmers.

 My 18 lb American Farmer Produce Box came with a rainbow of beautiful vegetables and fruits! I was so excited to open it. Everything was so beautifully packaged and organized and kept cold in the package. I have never seen such round and vibrantly red tomatoes before. The peppers were huge and so pretty in color, perfect for our weekly dish of Sweet and Sour Pork with bell peppers. I’ve also never seen such gorgeous heads of broccoli and cauliflower. I chopped them up so I could use them for some dishes later in the week. I love making cauliflower mac and cheese, especially when it’s cold out.
 There was so much in my first box that it was PLENTY for the next 2 weeks and even beyond! I froze some things I wouldn’t consume in time. But there is just something magical about each item in my box. You can tell they are grown with love and care and NOTHING harmful. The fruit and vegetables literally LOOK happy. The taste is out of this world. SO FLAVORFUL!!! I never thought I would say that about something as simple as a sweet potato or even an apple, but it’s so true!! Juicy and flavorful and delicious, each item was!

 So why is it so important to support farmers and get your produce this way? Because a CSA provides a fair return for a farmer’s labor. Also, when farmers have a guaranteed market for their produce, they can invest more time in a great job growing their food rather than focusing on marketing it. Supporting a CSA can give you a sense of social responsibility and it feels really good to be able to read about WHERE your food came from. Oh, plus, the food is definitely better quality and much fresher.

And why is it important to only settle for the best when it comes to what you put into your body nutrition wise? Well, because we get nutrients from the food we eat…. It’s how we nurture and care for ourselves. So why would you put anything less than the best quality ingredients into your meals? Self care isn’t just about pampering your body on the outside and your mind on the inside, it’s also about nourishing your entire self with the right ingredients that are sustainably farmed.

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