5 Ways to Brighten up Your Living Room

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


With the recent pandemic, many people are finding themselves home a lot more, and increased time at home can equal house projects and updates. Your living room is one place within your home where a little can go a long way. Since many people spend a lot of time in the family room, it makes sense to focus your budget on this area of your home. Here are five ways to brighten up your living space to make your time there all the more enjoyable. 

1. Display Your Memories

The frames on your wall don’t have to be the latest artist or decor trend to look great. Adding a display gallery to accent family memories is a perfect way to showcase family photos or souvenirs. Despite what you may initially believe, choosing frames with different shapes and colors actually creates a cohesive look that binds a room together. Gallery walls are also a fun way to display decor pieces unique to your style. HGTV Magazine suggests that classy and quirky work well together so it’s ok to mix things up a little. 

2. Update Light fixtures

Adding lights or updated light fixtures is one sure way to brighten a room. Rooms with little to no natural light are especially desperate for a brightness makeover. Updating lamps or adding pendant lights will bring your living room to life and create a feeling of bigger space. While your room will not grow in size, it will seem larger, which is more important. According to Psychology Today, people perceive packages with vivid colors as larger than packages with less vivid colors. The same goes for a living space. A combination of vivid wall colors mixed with trendy light fixtures may create the vision of a bigger space without having to tear down walls or spend money on other major renovations. 

3. Choose an Accent Wall

Installing paneling, shiplap or wainscoting are just a few ways to add dimension to your living room. It’s amazing what a little MDF, finishing material and paint can do to create the updated vibe you’ve been looking for. Adding an accent wall to your living room will also create a more custom look as opposed to contractor grade finishes found in many other homes.
4. Add New Decor Pieces

Old, mismatched furniture and hand-me-downs scream outdated. Now is the time to let the overly frugal side of you go on vacation for a while. Buying a few new rustic living room decor or modern contemporary decor pieces to spice up your living space is worth the cost. With the proper placement, new accent items can liven up any space.
5. Organize the Clutter

Chaos and clutter produce chaos and clutter. It’s kind like the law of attraction and the idea that what you put out is what you get back. If you want your space to feel comfortable and peaceful, then maybe it’s time to organize those jackets, backpacks or books crowding your space. Adding shelving with pegs or places for bins will help you get things off the floor and out of the way, which may add a little more zen to your daily routine.

Creating a gallery wall to display family memories or adding an accent wall to update your living room are just two ways to brighten your living space. You can even add a custom look by purchasing some fun new decor pieces or by updating your old lamps and adding a trendy chandelier. With a little extra time and effort, your living room can be the new favorite space in your home and somewhere you want to be instead of somewhere you have to be.

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