Things I Just CANNOT Handle

Friday, July 17, 2020

It's fun post Friday so today I'm talking about the things in my life that I just cannot stand, my pet peeves that drive me wild on a daily basis when I encounter them. 

People that clip nails in the office.
The sound is enough to trigger World War III, I swear.  The TICK TICK TICK is just disgusting and to do it in an office setting is just BLECHHHHHHH! Has anyone ever heard of the idea that personal grooming like that should be done at home.  Like seriously I just want to scream when I hear it. 

People that pronounce words completely wrong. 
So when someone pronounces something super wrong and then you tell them the correct way, and they're like "Oh, whatever, I say it like this."   Cool but then you can't sit there and criticize people for not "speaking English" if you can't even pronounce things correctly then you hypocrite! 

People that try to sell me stuff. 
You already now what I'm gonna say here.  It's the random message on social media from someone you haven't spoken to in 20 years and they ask how you're doing but before you can answer they tell you they have some awesome products for you to try. NO!!!!!  Just please, NO!  And then I'm especially triggered if they ask why I'm not interested.   Dude, no means no, I don't need to say anymore than that. 

People that get pets that absolutely can't handle them.
You know who I mean....the person that has a hot mess of a life on social media and suddenly they say they got a new puppy.   Then 6 months later they are trying to find it a new home because it's just too much.  Uhhhh, I coulda told ya that dude.  

People that can't take a joke. 
Some people get offended if you even sneeze too loudly.  Lighten up.  Life is too short.  None of us get out of it alive so just chill the heck out and enjoy it.  Laugh at everything. 

People that gossip. 
I mean the nasty gossip where you just spread other people's business or you talk nasty about how they dress. Like, come on, this serves no beneficial purpose to society so knock it off already! 

People that drive 10 under the speed limit. 
This makes me want to rage.  COME ON!!!!!!!   And the worst is when they are constantly looking out their side windows at the scenery which causes them to veer a little bit off the road and you're just like OMG FOCUS AND DRIVE!!! 

So what are your absolute pet peeves?

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