Six Signs You're Struggling With Alcohol Addiction

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Despite popular belief, it’s not as easy as you would like to think to spot someone addicted to alcohol. Sure, you get your standard drunks in the street; slurring, stumbling, always with a cheap bottle of alcohol in hand. This is the idea that’s conjured up when people think about those under the shadow of addiction, but this is not always the case.

In fact, there is every chance that you are addicted to something - whether that’s alcohol or not depends on your lifestyle. You may be aware of Opioid Addiction Recovery centers, but how aware are you of those recovery centers that help with alcoholics? There is every chance that you are sitting next to people in the office who are dependent on alcohol and yet fully functional in their everyday lives who are also not aware of rehab they can go to. Perhaps that person is even you, and you are the one with the drinking problem. How do you tell? Well, we’ve put together six signs you can tell you’re struggling with addiction.
Clear Wine Glass Filled With Purple Wine

You’re Drinking To Cope. Of course, the symptoms of alcoholism differ from person to person, but if you find yourself opening a new bottle of wine for a tall glass every night, you may have a problem. One glass usually turns into two, and then the bottle is empty before you know it, and you’re now doing it when you’re having a bad day. You shouldn't need an alcoholic drink to cope with your day.

There’s Always A Social Occasion. If you are finding excuses to turn any occasion into a drinking opportunity, there’s an issue. There is no need to have a drink at every occasion, and you need to stop making that excuse.

You’re Drinking Alone. It’s one of the clearest signs that you are reliant on alcohol. Healthy drinking habits usually revolve around social settings, but sitting alone in the evening and drinking? That’s not so healthy.

You’re Binge Drinking. Sitting and drinking alone is one thing, but it’s not healthy to save all of your drinking for the weekend. Binge drinking is considered to be a bigger problem than one glass of wine a night with your meal.

You’re Drinking More & More. As you become more and more tolerant to your nightly wine glass, it’s easy to increase the amount of wine you’re drinking. The cycle of dependence continues and before you know it, you’re face first in an addiction.

You Get The Shakes. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol are heavy to cope with for some, but even functional alcoholics deal with withdrawal from time to time. It can be anything from anxiety, exhaustion and nausea including the shakes. It’s hard to deal with withdrawal, so the general consensus is to drink more to stop the withdrawal symptoms. It’s a vicious circle, and it’s one that you have to break out of as soon as possible.

The right rehabilitation clinic can help, but you have to recognize the problem first!

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