If I Ran for President [Get Ready to Laugh]

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

People often joke that I should run for president.  It's totally a joke but I figured I would run with it so today I am going to make you laugh because in my hilarious dream world, here's what I would do if I was president.

No Snow on Cars

You know those people that drive around with 10 feet of snow on the room of their car? Yea, that would be illegal and punishable by public social media shaming.  

No More Vegan Potlucks
Ain't no way you're making me bring a vegan dish to your potluck.  Instead, everyone can bring their own dish to eat! 

I mean it already is but mannnn if I catch you littering, you have to pick it up with your teeth and then pick up 3 giant trash bags full of litter from a wooded area or park. 

A Ban on Poison, Ticks, and Yellow Jackets
I see no point to their existence.  So I will annhilate them because they are my worst nightmare. 

If you have social media, you must share really funny memes.  And you must not take them too seriously.  No more getting offended at a silly meme about farting. 

 The Speed Limit is the Minimum
You must go the speed limit.  No more of this 10 under crap.  And no more Buicks! 

 Ok so are you sold on me yet? Do I have your vote?

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