You Had A Car Accident...Now What?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Car accidents are bound to happen no matter how careful you are.  Sometimes it's your own fault and sometimes it's someone else's fault.  There will always be reckless drivers out there and at the end of the day, accidents do happen. You may not be able to predict if you'll be in one or not, but you can absolutely be prepared for what to do when or if one ends up happening.  There are some very important immediate steps to take and doing them can mean the difference between a nightmare situation or a situation that works out the best way it can.  So here's how to handle a car accident....

Call police and/or an attorney

When the accident happens, first get out and make sure any other drivers are okay and and an ambulance isn't needed.  Even if it's a small accident, you should always double check.  Then you need to call the police and let them know you were in an accident involving another party and give them the nearest cross street they can find you at.   This ensures everything is documented and reported and the contact information for all drivers is obtained. And if you begin to run into issues whether it's someone not having insurance, or someone lying about what happened it's a good idea to contact an attorney from your area.  If you need to find one, do a simple internet search with your town name, for example type in San Diego car accident lawyers to see who is recommended in San Diego.  If the accident is your fault it's still a good idea to do both of these things. The police will take statements to determine who is at fault and if there's a dispute about which driver's insurance company will cover costs, the police reports will come in very handy. A good attorney can help you navigate the entire process.

Document everything

If you do get in an accident because of someone else, you should always have photographic evidence and since everyone has smartphones now a days this should be easy.  Whether it's your fault or someone else's, start taking photos of the location and the vehicles involved.  This photographic evidence can help you out in the even that someone falsely accuses you of extra damage.   If you have no proof it's just your word against theirs so get your phone out and take lots of photos of all cars, the intersection or street, and any injuries you have.

Seek medical treatment

If you have injuries, you need a professional to look at you and vouch for you. This is not only good for liability but also for your long term health.  Sometimes issues pop up down the road from an accident and they could be related to it so you want to make sure you have proof you saw a doctor.  Don't be the type of person that lets their entire life bring them long term medical issues because they were too stubborn to get checked out.  This is also important documentation for your insurance company as well.

Keep the legal advice you get from an attorney only 

While you need to contact your insurance company right away, if you have legal questions go straight to an attorney. You need a professional attorney to give you accurate legal advice and your insurance company isn't certified to do that. Sometimes insurance companies will say whatever they want just to avoid paying you so make sure you cover all bases with an attorney.  Don't get advice from strangers or from friends.  Just speak to a professional attorney first. 

Remember that if you're in an accident, stay calm and take the proper steps to document, report, and then seek help afterwards.

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