My Best Tools for Staying Organized in Life

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

People always ask how I stay so organized in all aspects of my life and how they can do the same.  It's not rocket science, it just takes a little work at first to find what works best for the different parts of your life that you need to manage whether it's work, home life, or parenting.   Here are my best tools for staying organized.

Have a financial binder or folder. 

Everything I do for my finances can be found in this blog post about budgeting. I track when bills are due, I set up auto pay for all of them, I have a budget for each paycheck, and I track my financial goals. Having your finances organized makes every aspect of life easier since finances affect every aspect of life. 

Have 3 calendars.
I have a central calendar on the fridge so my husband knows what's going on in our lives.  I also have a personal planner in my purse so that when I'm on the go I can check dates and times and schedule appointments.  Then I have a work calendar which has all my personal stuff AND my meetings.  This means the chances of me missing an appointment or meeting is rare.  I also make sure that all calendars match each other in regards to personal life plans and appointments. 

Have a daily/weekly/monthly to do list. 
I designate certain days and weeks for certain things on my to do list.  I vacuum the house every Thursday and Sunday, I wash the sheets every 4 weeks, and I treat the dogs for fleas and ticks in the middle of every month.  It's super important to keep this written on paper or in the note app on your phone. 

I stick to a scheduled routine.
My mornings and evenings have no chaos because I do the same things at the same times.  In the morning I eat at the same time, do emails at the same time, get dressed at the same time, and leave for work at the same time.  In the evenings I get my lunch ready for the next day right after work, do any cleaning tasks, and then I have the rest of the evening free. It makes life SOOOO much more easier. 

Designate times for emails and texting. 
On my breaks at work I catch up on texts, personal emails, and social media.  I also do it while I cook dinner and then before bed.  This makes it so I'm not constantly on my phone and feeling like it's taking over my life. 

Meal plan. 
I meal plan for two weeks out and make my grocery list with the ingredients I need for everything on the meal plan.  You can learn more about meal planning in this post

These are just a few of the ways I stay organized.  What aspects of your life need organized?

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