Teddy Blake Kate Stampatto Handbag [REVIEW]

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Every girl needs a beautiful handbag....or maybe A LOT of them.   And I'm one of those girls.  I'm also a huge fan of Teddy Blake handbags from previous posts so when I got a chance to work with them again I jumped.   I can be very picky when it comes to handbags.  A handbag not only has to be stylish for me but practical AND comfortable.  If it is not all three of those things, not only will I not use it but I will not recommend it.  That's why I love Teddy Blake handbags.  They have so many luxuriously stylish high quality bags in different styles and colors to choose from. 

Teddy Blake bags always come BEAUTIFULLY packaged in a dust cover, a plastic protective bag and bubble wrap, and a GORGEOUS box.  The bag I received is the Teddy Blake Kate Stampatto 12" Handbag in light grey. So the most exciting part is the big reveal when you take your time to open it.  The bags are always stuffed with tissue and any other protective materials are on the bag as well.

The first thing I noticed was the perfect size.  This bag measures 10" high, 5.3" wide, and 12.6" long.  It's big enough that you can fit all of your things without having to lug a super bulky bag around that's going to hurt your shoulders and arms.  But the best is yet to come...

The Kate Stampatto handbag comes with a shoulder strap too.  I love this option because there are sometimes where I just need to put my purse on my shoulder quickly to get it out of the way so I can have my hands full with other stuff.  I just leave the shoulder strap on mine and if I carry it on my wrists I like the look the hanging strap gives the bag.  It's made of super soft pebble grey calf leather that make every inch of the bag feel absolutely luxurious. 
There are two interior zip pockets which is really cool because I don't think I own any other handbags currently that have two zip pouches.  The zippers are so smooth and the suede interior is so soft it makes you just want to pet it!
One of my favorite features is the expandable center compartment.  I am a girl that puts a lot of stuff in her bag on a daily basis so by undoing the snaps I can let the bag expand and it's very easy to get in and out of it.  In fact, I decided to leave it unsnapped on the one side and snapped on the other and I can still get in and out just fine.
Again, this bag has plenty of room for me inside without being overwhelming where I may lose things.
The expandable 17-23" shoulder strap is so beautiful and very comfortable and the handle drop is 3.5" so it's just perfect for me to carry in my hand, slide on my wrist, or throw over my shoulder with the longer shoulder strap. While there are always a great selection of different colors, I really love this light grey because it can go with anything and it will be able to be used by me in all 4 seasons.

Like I said, I carry lots of stuff with me at all times and I love that everything fit PERFECTLY.  I have already brought this bag everywhere with me while running errands and it was never too bulky or in the way for me.  

I used to love the more slouchy bags but each year it seems the structured handbags out there best suit my needs when it comes to bringing things to the office with me like a book or magazine or even just to give whatever bag I carry a nice polished look.  That's why the Teddy Blake Kate Stampatto handbag is my new favorite bag and I plan to carry it for months and months.   

What do YOU look for in a handbag? Let me know below!

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