5 Steps to Creating a Fuller Ponytail With Seamless Clip In Remy Hair Extensions

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Through navigating the art of a perfect messy bun or selecting the right bangs according to your face shape, the ponytail is one hairstyle you can count on to get through the workday, a night out, or your daily workout. But what happens when yours doesn't have that life, lift, or length you want it?

A limp, thin ponytail does not have the same effect, then a thick, bouncy, and large one, does it? You can easily and quickly make a ponytail look longer and fuller without the need for an extra faux clip-in ponytail by strategically clipping in just a few wefts. Now you can say goodbye to the limp and sad ponytail and say hello to a voluminous and bouncy one that can be styled in high, braided, low Ponytail, or even a bun.

Perfect ponytail with Seamless Clip in Remy Hair Extensions
The ponytail is mostly the favorite style of girls because you can easily carry your hair that looks amazingly perfect in this style. It's an ideal style for university and office going girls. Here are some essential steps. By following them, you can make a perfect one.

Step 1: Pull Your Hair into Ponytail

Brush your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head. Position it higher than you intend to wear it and secure it with a hair tie.

The best way to wear seamless clip in remy hair extensions in a ponytail is to clip in the wefts in the same direction that your hair would naturally go.

Step 2: Brush your Extension and separate Hair

It would help if you brushed gently through your extension using a loop brush, or toothed comb, or a paddle brush to remove any tangles.

After that, you need to separate your hair about halfway at the front of your head and clip in a two-clip weft facing downward. If you have shorter hair or need more ponytail volume, you can stack two wefts and clip them in the section.

Step 3: Secure Ponytail Extension

Slide the comb under the hair tie at the top of the ponytail. Wrap the Velcro base around it until tightly overlapped.

Now separate another section of hair toward the crown of the head flip upside down. The clip in a four-clip weft upside down. So, when you gather your hair into a high Ponytail, the pins will not pull at your roots. You have to continue separating sections of hair and clipping three clips and four clip wefts in until you're satisfied with hair thickness.

Step 4: Cover Base of Ponytail

Wrap hair strand around the base of the ponytail to conceal the band. Use some bobby pins to secure in place.

In the end, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with the hair elastic/band. Then, take out some face-framing pieces at the front for a messier look.

Step 5: Style, Shake, GO!

For added texture, tug your hair at the top, then backcomb sections using a loop brush. For more texture, scrunch the hair upwards with a hand before adding a bit of hairspray to set the look.

Move your head around to ensure the ponytail feels secure, straight and sleek or teased and tousled.

Benefits of Clip-in Ponytail

Here are some benefits of seamless clip in remy hair extension.

Transform second-day hair from the comfort of your couch

Most women haven't washed hair in days either. Quickly transform oily or greasy hair into ponytail perfection with clip in hair extensions. You can hit up virtual wine night with the girls after your home workout or say yes to impromptu facetime.

Create Fuller, Longer, Bouncier Ponytail Every Time

On the other side, if you find that your ponytail doesn't have that excellent level of vigor and bounce due to thinning, dryness, shorter length, or brittleness, seamless clip in remy hair extensions are the best solution to a thicker, longer one instantly.

Hairstyles with Ponytail Extensions


A voluminous bun has never been more comfortable. To get this look, start by securing your seamless clip in remy hair extension as usual at the crown of your head. For that, split the ponytail into two equal parts.

Twist both sections until you have two long twists, then wrap the twists around each other and make a thick rope braid. Finally, wrap this rope braid around itself at the base, and bobby pins the heck out of it.

Low Ponytail

To make a perfect low ponytail, tie your hair at the nape next before wrapping the extension around your hair. Continue all the steps as usual and enjoy your ultra-long low ponytail.


A ponytail is the best way to look at yourself decent, and you can easily control your hair. But badly, not every girl has enough hair to perfect one. So, no need to upset, you can make an entirely long and thick ponytail by using seamless clip in remy hair extensions.

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