How To Budget for the Holidays

Monday, November 16, 2020


Okay, so there is a ton going on right about now  and it can be really overwhelming which makes it even easier for you to let go of the hard work you've done with staying on a budget and controlling your spending.  So you really need to follow some of these tips in order to stay on top of it and not let the holidays wreck your personal finances.

Stick to a List
Make a list of everyone you have to buy gifts for, set a budget, and decide on an item for them that fits your budget.  Once you have everything written out on paper it's much easier to go and do the shopping and stay within the limits you've set for yourself. 
Bargain Shop
If you have gift cards or coupons to certain stores, utilize them when gift shopping for others.  I've used gift cards I RECEIVED as a gift to purchase something for someone else simply because I didn't have anything in mind that I'd ever spend the gift card on for myself.  
Set Money Aside Physically
If you're shopping with cash, make a Christmas envelope where you keep your cash and list and carry it with you as you do your shopping.  If you are collecting it in your bank account, see if there's a way to transfer it to a share within your bank account that's specifically for gift money for others. 
Buy Online to Avoid Distraction
If you can, order online so you aren't in the stores physically where you can get super distracted on buying additional items for yourself or even for others.  
Shop Early
Do not wait till the last minute.  You'll be stressed and more likely to NOT stick to your budget.  Don't sit around waiting and waiting for sales that won't happen either. 
Start Early Next Year
If you follow this same type of routine where you do the lists and know how much you plan to spend, you can start saving even earlier during the year.   This is how I master it year after year. 

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  1. I was careful this year to set aside cash for Christmas. Unfortunately it was stolen from my purse the day I was to to do the Christmas shopping. Sad


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