A List of Things To Do INSTEAD of Spending Money on Black Friday

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Okay, I know it's really tempting when every  one else is talking about going shopping and trying to grab up all the deals.  The truth is, most of us don't need all the things on sale.  In fact, if you distract yourself and focus on other things, you can completely avoid the temptation of unnecessarily shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and if you don't have the money in your budget, these things can be even more helpful. So here are some things you can do INSTEAD of spending money you don't have.

Clean the House
Do a deep clean, like a top to bottom scrub down, dusting, vacuum, and surface cleaning.  And don't stop there....while you're at it, start decluttering everywhere you can. 
Decorate for Christmas
Instead of shopping, start decorating your home and put the tree up.  Focus on doing those things instead of leaving the house to go spend money on impulse buys.   
Have a Spa Day at Home
Pamper yourself with delivery food, a hot bath, and napping all day long.  Keep your phone turned off so you don't have distractions and mainly to avoid seeing all the advertisements about shopping. 
Fix Things
We all have that list, the one that has a million little things that need done like glueing something back together, sewing a button back on, replacing a lightbulb, etc.  Make a list of all those things and then do them! 
List Items For Sale
If you do a cleanup of your home, list the items you are willing to part with on Marketplace or somewhere else online.  While everyone's out spending money, you can be making money! 
Start baking Christmas goodies just to keep you home and distracted.  Deliver the baked goods to friends and neighbors.  

Binge Watch
Pick a show you have been wanting to watch and binge watch it.  It will keep you occupied, trust me. 

Meal Plan
Start planning the next two weeks of meals out so you can eat better and plan your grocery list to where you aren't buying things you aren't going to use in the next two weeks.

Get Outside
Go on a walk, go to a park, get the kids out to do some trash pick up at a local wooded park area.  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

Hopefully, you can find some things to do INSTEAD of spending money. 

What do you do to stay home and avoid spending money?

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