How To Prepare When Your Parents Are Going To Live With You

Thursday, November 26, 2020


It is difficult to see your parents struggle with everyday gestures. You grew up turning to your parents for support and guidance. Therefore, nobody is prepared to become their parents’ caregiver. However, a lot of families have found that they can help elderly adults maintain their independence for longer when they share the same house. How does it work?

You can have your peace of mind, knowing that you’re here if your parents need you. On the other hand, you can also build a meaningful relationship, spending quality time together. When your parents live with you, you can be both a carer and a relative, making them part of your day-to-day life and helping them only when required.

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Make the house more accessible to them

When you choose to welcome your parents at home, you need to focus on making your home accessible to them. Creating a mobility-friendly interior is a no-brainer to avoid falls and confusion in a new environment. Did you know that seniors are more likely to fall and injure themselves in the bathroom? An accessible design could not only avoid falls but also make the room safer to use for all. A wet room, for instance, could be an elegant and practical addition. Bathtubs and shower cubicles can be tricky to maneuver for seniors.

Consider a granny flat

If you wish to help your parents preserve their independence, you can add an accessory dwelling unit in the garden. The ADU can act as a mini granny flat, giving your parents all the privacy they need. A fully functional ADU can streamline space by sharing appliances. For instance, your parents can eat with you and use your laundry room. But they can retire at the end of the day in their small home to watch TV and sleep. The typical granny flat can be built in your backyard. So, you may want to reach out to a garden specialist to discuss tree service and path resurfacing to avoid potential risks.

Choose a smart home system

Hey Google, could you turn up the heater?

Alexa, can you order groceries?

Smart home technology can provide a new sense of independence to your parents. Indeed, a smart home can make every life easier by managing a lot of essential activities. In a data-driven environment, a smart home can manage itself and alert relevant authorities and loved ones in case of problems. Additionally, you can set the system to keep your parents safe, such as locking the door for them or reminding them to take their medications.

Schedule time for yourself

You can’t look after your parents if you don’t care for yourself first. Whether you become a primary caregiver, or you simply want to be available in case of problems, it can be a stressful experience at times. Therefore, you need to make time for yourself to recharge your batteries and relax. You can’t help your parents if you are under pressure. Therefore, it’s crucial to allow yourself to do the things you love. You can never give 100% without draining your energy. So schedule a pampering evening or a drink with a friend to replenish your energy levels from time to time.

Whether you become a caregiver for your parents or you want to have them close by, you can make your home a key to their health and independence. Create a mobility-friendly, self-managed, and communal space to make your parents and yourself feel at ease with the new situation.

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