Protecting Your House From The Elements This Winter

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Now that the winter season is just around the corner, it is important for us to prepare our home and fight against the elements.

Once the weather gets colder and more unpredictable, more damage can be done to our homes and serious issues such as damp and mould can start to creep in.

To ensure that your home is safe and secure, and prepared for the elements this year, you should tick these jobs off your list.


Insulate the roof

Your roof is the barrier between yourself and the rain, snow, sleet, and wind above. A roof is the most basic definition of shelter and it is the most important part of your house to work on before winter hits. To prepare your roof for the cold season - install some insulation now. Insulating the roof is a brilliant way to stop heat rising and escaping from the house, and will reduce your heating bill by a country mile. Insulation doesn’t have to cost the earth and you can even do it yourself this weekend as an afternoon task.

Clean the gutters

Guttering is an important part of the external structure of your home and performs the job of diverting water away from your foundations. If you haven’t inspected your gutters for a while it is important for you to do so this week to ensure there are no blockages or cracks. Replace cracked guttering abs clear your gutters to avoid water building up and ending up seeping through to your roof and causing damp.

Replace broken tiles

It is important to look after your roof over the years, and whether you decide to get the pros in such as IKO Roofing or do it yourself - you should spend some time on the roof before winter hits. Unpredictable weather, birds, and other factors can cause roof tiles to crack, chip, and even fall off your roof altogether. Now is the time to invest in some shingles and fix broken tiles, and replace ones that are lost. Ensuring a solid roof will keep your house protected from the rain and snow this winter.

Re-do your rendering

If you don’t already have render on your home, you should consider investing in some this winter. Rendering is a covering for your external walls that protects the brickwork from the elements such as wind and rain. If you don’t have rendering or it’s cracked and chipped - now is the time to fix this covering and keep your walls safe from the outside elements of winter.

Seal the windows and doors

As the temperature rises and falls, it is natural for your windows and doors to contract and expand, meaning that sealant can become cracked leaving gaps in the wall. Now is the perfect time to go around your house and reseal your windows and doors to ensure that no air is able to escape. Not only will this keep your house nice and toasty during winter but it will also ensure that water cannot get in and cause damp or mould.

Get your home ready for winter this week and enjoy a happy and warm home all season long.

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