Preparing Yourself For an Storm

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Unfortunately, storm and hurricanes are not stoppable, and some people do not know how to prepare for them, which increases the chance of more devastation. If you do know that you live in an at-risk area for high impact storms and hurricanes, it is best to put things in place to try and minimize the impact when one does hit. Planning for anything can be a stressful time nevermind a natural disaster, especially in a pandemic, so it is understandable that people put it off, but just a little preparation can help to save your home or even yourselves.

If you are struggling to prepare and need some advice and tips, then these tips may help you to defend your home from any natural disasters that are rolling your way.

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Set out a plan

Firstly you are going to want to create a plan should a natural disaster hit; this will allow you to keep some control and coordination when something happens. Make sure you make a note of any emergency numbers you may need and also the nearest shelters you may have in your area and what are the best routes to get there. When looking into your shelters make sure you take into consideration should you have any pets as that may impact where you can stay.

Stock up on supplies

If you are stuck indoors for a long period of time, then you may need some supplies to keep you going, especially afterward, should you not be able to get anywhere due to no transport. When gathering supplies, you need to bear in mind that you may not have electric and running water due to the storm, so make sure you get foods that do not require electricity, like fresh food that needs a fridge or freezer, and stock up on plenty of water. Also, stock up on medicines, emergency power sources like batteries for flashlights, and have all your important documents easy to access should you need them.

Get a generator

Something that is sometimes overlooked when prepping your home is getting a generator as a backup power source for your home. Generators are a great thing to have should your power be knocked out as it will allow you to carry on using some electric essentials using the generator, which runs on fuel. Depending on the generator installed, you can power the whole house or just the essentials you need; this will give you less to worry about when disaster does hit as you will still have electricity to keep things charged and running, which may help you should anything happen. If you want to find a generator, then just search generator sales and installation, and you will find someone in your area that will sort out the installation for you.

If you are in an area plagued by storms, hurricanes, and flooding, then hopefully, these tips may help you to prepare for these disasters and give you the best chance of coming out of them as best as possible.

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