Creating a Self-care Sanctuary Bathroom

Sunday, November 29, 2020


No matter what you do for work, your lifestyle, or how you usually relax, turning your bathroom into a self-care space has its benefits.

A bath is an ideal space for you to soothe your muscles and get a full-body dose of warmth. Even the busiest of days can change in the time it takes to soak in some bubbles. Sure, a bath isn’t the only part of self-care - but it is wonderful.

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Cleaning up

It is hard to feel calm, clean, or content when you have a lot of mess around. One of the first things that you should do is clean your space. Cleaning actually has its own mental benefits too. When you clean, you are taking control of your environment, and in doing so, it can help calm your mind. A sense of satisfaction follows it, and that can improve your mood. Check out these 5 nifty tools to support your cleaning

Set the scene

Setting up everything you need in a place that makes practical sense for you is important. If you usually use a specific bubble bath or shower wash, have them easy to reach. This will mean you don’t have to dip in and out of the tub to get what you need. If you don’t have a bath, it might just be time to get one fitted. You can find out more here about having a bath installed.

Not everyone wishes to paint their bathroom. But you can add color in different ways. You can unify your towel colors. Using colors and tones that you find calming and enjoy looking at. Using those as a base for the rest of the colors, change your soap dish, add stickers to your tiles, and tie it all together with a shower curtain and bath mats.

The scents you use in a room can change how it feels as a whole. There are some scents that we are familiar with in a bathroom. Lemons, pines, and ocean-fresh are typically used for cleaning products. Lavender, jasmine, roses, and mints are known to bring calm and relaxation to the room. You might choose to have deeper, richer scents like neroli, ambers, and sandalwood.

The bathroom is the perfect place to keep your skincare. Night creams and hand creams might be better by the bedside so that you don’t forget them. But using your skincare in the bathroom while cleaning or in the bath can increase how relaxed you feel and the potency of things like cleansers on softened pores.

Self-care does come in many forms. From taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon to arranging your taxes. It is important that you have some self-care in your weekly or even daily routine. Things that you do in order to uplift yourself. Recharging yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically so that you can be the best and most productive version of yourself.

Think about the things you need in your bathroom so that when you close the door behind you, you can take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul.

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