Why Doing What You Love Can Transform Your Life

Friday, November 27, 2020


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When you’re choosing a job or career, there are lots of important things to consider. Your earning potential, geographical location, professional experience, and work-family balance will all be determining factors when it comes to finding a job role that’s right for you. However, many people overlook the importance of doing something you live,

When practical concerns take precedence, it’s easy to put your dreams to one side but choosing a career you’re passionate about can have a positive impact on every area of your life. If you’re not convinced, take a look at how doing what you love can transform your life:

More Self-Confidence

When you spend your time doing something you enjoy, you can boost your self-esteem and naturally feel more confident. Following your dreams can take courage and determination, which is why being successful in your chosen field can have such a powerful impact on your confidence. Instead of feeling out of your depth, you can feel empowered, knowledgeable, and successful when you allow yourself to choose a career you’re truly passionate about.

Reduced Stress

Any type of career can be stressful, particularly if you’re doing something you don’t really enjoy. No matter what type of environment you work in, a role you’re not committed to can increase the risk of experiencing health issues, especially chronic stress. This can manifest itself in a number of ways, from physical ailments, like headaches and high blood pressure, to emotional negatively, such as anxiety or depression.

Conversely, when you’re in a role you love, it can have a positive impact on your stress levels, even if the job itself is fast-paced or involves a substantial amount of responsibility. Instead of seeing problems as unavoidable trials, you’ll view them as exciting challenges instead. This change in your perception is one of the reasons why doing something you love can lower your stress levels.

Willingness to Learn

If you choose a career that you are genuinely interested in, you’ll always be eager to learn more. Of course, this will stand in you good stead when it comes to securing promotions and furthering your career.

As well as gaining more professional experience, your willingness to learn may motivate you to obtain additional qualifications. From an MBA for businessmen and women to an MOT degree for occupational therapists, there are plenty of options out there. When you study for an advanced qualification in something you love, you’ll fulfill your natural curiosity and fuel your professional thirst for knowledge. By doing so, you can become a better practitioner and fall in love with your chosen career path all over again.

Broaden Your Social Circle

While it’s important to cultivate a strong professional network, you’ll also find that your colleagues, clients, and peers form part of your social circle when you have a job you enjoy. Your shared enthusiasm for your industry is a great starting point for any friendship, which is why it’s easier to connect with people when you’re doing a job you love.

Loneliness and isolation can have a major impact on your physical and emotional well-being, so it’s important to maintain social connections at every stage in life. When your work and professional life has a positive impact on your social life, you can reap the rewards in so many ways.

Pushing Your Boundaries

Overcoming challenges is simply part of life and this can make you a more confident person in the long run. Staying inside your comfort zone won’t necessarily get you to where you want to be in your career. This is why you might want to consider medical schools, dentistry, engineering and other challenging fields that push you outside of your comfort zone and regular boundaries. The uphill battle may be hard to overcome, but once you have discovered your passion, you will feel so much more content in your career. Choosing a career that allows you to step over your usual boundaries may just transform your life.

Increased Motivation

Following your dream career path can give you motivation in other areas. As you’ll feel more empowered and in control, these positive feelings will lead to action in other areas of your life. Knowing that you’re capable of following your dreams in one area of your life will give you the motivation you need to do the same in other areas.

Whether you want to run a marathon in your spare time, launch a new business or make industry breakthroughs, the inherent motivation your job brings will give you the drive and determination to succeed in other areas of your life.

Finding a Role You Love

Some people know exactly what they want to do from a young age but, for many people, it’s not quite so straightforward. However, you spend the majority of your adult life at work, so it’s well worth taking the time to think about the type of career that you will truly enjoy.

By assessing your natural talents and interests, you’ll begin to establish which industries can provide the most fulfilling career path. Similarly, learning more about the different roles available and the various routes to qualification will allow you to create a long-term plan for professional success.

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