Have You Considered Pest-Proofing Your Home?

Thursday, November 19, 2020


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Before hiring exterminators for pest or ant control, why not take it upon yourself to keep pests away? You can create a hostile environment for ants and other crawling insects that are a nuisance around the home. Here’s how to put your time and money into good use.
Find and Seal all Cracks and Openings

The basement is usually the biggest culprit for cracks and openings that host pests. Check carefully, especially where pipes pass through the walls. Look at the house's exterior for gaps around the laundry vents, exterior outlets, and utility meters.

Another area of concern is the weather stripping on windows and doors. The screen facing inside the windows may have tiny spaces that allow pests inside. Use adhesive patches to seal the cracks and openings for a quick fix.
Store Firewood Away from the House

Crawling insects love firewood stacks. Lift any piece of wood that has been lying on the ground for a while, and you'll see this. The worst place for these insects to find a home is right outside your house. They’ll slowly eat up your house’s foundation and find their way into your home.

Move the pile of wood away from the walls of your house. You can stack it out against the fence or at the farthest corner of the backyard. Alternatively, invest in a firewood holder or bag to put it off the ground.
Install Mesh Wire

For out-of-reach areas like the crawl space, consider using a ¼ inch hardware cloth. This includes places like the roof, attic, and chimney. The mesh is useful in preventing the entry of bats, birds, and squirrels into your house.

Ensure you wear gloves when installing the mesh as the edges could cut through your skin. The mesh will help keep away window spiders, cats, scorpions, and other rodents from the crawl space.
Use Airtight Storage Containers

Pet and human food attract pests to the house. Sugar is especially appealing to ants, and you should store it in airtight containers. If in doubt or this solution doesn't seem to help, keep food away in the refrigerator.

While at it, be careful how you handle the pet food and also establish good feeding habits. Consider creating a dining area for your pet where food doesn't fall on the floor to attract ants. You can place a rubber mat beneath the feeding bowl to make it easier to deal with spilled food.

If you still have an ant problem, place the pet bowl in a larger bowl with water in it. It'll be hard for the ants to cross over to get to the food.
Keep the Kitchen Clean

Most pest problems originate from a dirty kitchen. Leftover bits of food quickly attract pests, especially roaches and ants. To keep your kitchen area clean:

Store all leftovers in lidded containers

Clean away sugar spills on kitchen surfaces

Wipe residue off containers like peanut butter jar

Sweep or vacuum regularly

Clean food containers before throwing them in the trash

Most importantly, ensure your kitchen stays dry at all times. Use caulk for leaks in taps and sinks.
Take Away

Proofing your house against pests doesn't have to be expensive. It could be something as simple as keeping your home clean and picking up after your pet's food. Check out for cracks and openings that insects use to gain access to your house and seal them. Also, always keep your home moisture-free.

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