2020 Hoilday Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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It's another year and another gift guide and this year I've spent months getting this one ready! I incorporated all of my fav products and things I've used myself this year.
Crystal Hills Organics
I can not with the magickal cuteness! I just got this body serum and these crystals from Crystal Hills Organics and they embrace what crystals have been symbolized for. It’s a magickal blended formula of crystals, botanicals, and other organic ingredients that are soothing to skin. The crystals are ethically sourced as well! The body serum makes me feel like a goddess after I step out of the shower. There were little green quartz pieces inside as well. Add this to your wish list for the holidays for sure!  

A pocket sized hand sanitizer perfect for on the go and it smells of bergamot which I’m obsessed with! It’s also got sugar-cane based alcohol, rosehip seed, jojoba and italian bergamia oil. The bottle itself looks pretty awesome and lasts 300+ spritzes. 


Self Care Staples from Clef Skincare 
Let’s talk about self care. Life is crazy lately with events in the news, virtual school, telework, etc. that’s why even if you can only get half an hour of self care in every couple days you should definitely try! Your skincare routine is part of self care and Clef Skincare has some great products to help you.
Their copper peptide mask is a fav of mine that I use every other week. They work to moisturize, brighten, repair, smooth, tighten, nourish, and heal your skin with just one simple step. For twenty minutes you can just lay down and relax and let the mask do it’s thing! Their hydrating cleanser gel is also great to use daily to help cleanse your pores, hydrate your skin, boost collagen, and help with anti aging and UV damage. It doesn’t dry skin out and it’s an easy thing to add to your daily skincare routine! Pretty much every woman on your list could use this as a gift! 

Pumpkin & Spice Beauty Products  
I love Fall AND everything pumpkin spice so Pumpkin & Spice has floored me with their vegan skincare line! Their products are made from pumpkin spice and pumpkin seed oil, plant based, and smell dreamy! I have incorporated them into my daily routine, exfoliating and cleansing in the AM and PM and using their day lotion in the morning and night lotion before bed. The smell is so good and these are so gentle but effective on my skin. I noticed my skin actually glows after using these for almost a week! These are great stocking stuffers too so add them to your list!

Let’s be real, even if you didn’t use it before, we’re definitely all using hand sanitizer these days, but they aren’t created equal. You can get Guru Nanda hand sanitizer at @target and it’s great for on the go! It’s 70% alcohol-based and is enriched with essential oil! Seriously much better smelling than any other one I’ve tried! And it has coconut oil which helps to keep your skin hydrated instead of drying it out. This is a great product for teachers, employees, and even kids because it’s easy to apply and easy to carry around! But the best part is, if you have an essential oil lover on your list this year, there's plenty of other EO related items on their website as well! 

Dreams Aren’t This Good Chips & Salsa
This is great for the foodie on your list.  I seriously am obsessed with all the different flavors. The Jalapeno Pineapple was our favorite but they're all good and PACKED with flavor and their chips are super crunchy and delicious and are perfect for dipping. For people that love unique flavor and high quality salsa dips, they will swoon over these.  This isn't just any salsa.  I love the design and I love that they donate to different causes.  You can learn a ton on their website.  So if you know someone that loves to entertain, this is the gift for them because their guests will definitely be talking about the different delicious flavors. 

We often have  breakfast for dinner. Maple syrup breakfast sausages from Vermont Wagyu were like no sausage I’ve ever had before. So moist and packed with flavor! And you can have it shipped to you or even shipped to someone as a gift which is a great idea this year if you can’t travel for the holidays but still want to send a delicious gift!

We used their ground beef to make meatballs and a meat sauce and it was amazingly moist and so full of flavor.  And of course you can use it to make burger patties or anything else involving ground beef.  This is definitely a great gift idea for the meat lovers on your list.  

Three Hermits Supplement Drinks

Every morning I start my day with a shot of Three Hermits Cinnamon and Fenugreek. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels and Fenugreek slows absorption of sugars in the stomach. They have a nice selection of different products for different needs but this is my fav for my current healthy lifestyle journey and goals. This is a great gift for anyone on your list that is working on their healthy goals currently. There are other flavors to choose from as well.  Three Hermits drinks are all natural and are great for me personally because I'm actively working on losing weight and being more mindful of putting REAL food and wholesome ingredients in my body.
If you have a friend or family member on your list that is in need pampering, the Spa Girl Life Candle Kit can help them do that! This is The Creativity Magnet set. In each set you get an amazing candle, a mantra, a guided meditation postcard, and two crystals to hold while you just zen out.  The candle is DREAMY!

For the people on your list that love staying cozy inside, this is a great choice.  I am stocked up with essential oils and my InnoGear essential oil diffuser from amazon! There’s 2 mist options on this one and it’s nice and quiet. It’s super cute with the wood grain and it holds enough water to run 5-6 hours on strong mode! And of course it shuts off when the water runs out. This ones great in the bedroom when I want to fall asleep surrounded by calm vibes. It literally makes my whole house smell great when I diffuse oils in it in the living room.

Silken Pure Pillow Case
I can't sleep on anything else but my Silken Pure Pillow Case now. They also have robes and sleep masks. All made of pure mulberry silk with non toxic dyes and natural fibers. It allows your skin to stay hydrated while you sleep because the fibers hold moisture so it won’t steal the nighttime moisturizer I apply every night. It also keeps my skin safe from bacteria and allergens AND best of all it doesn’t cause bedhead which is great for someone like me that doesn’t wash their hair everyday and despises having to heavily restyle it each morning. Also it protects your delicate skin on your face from wrinkles. Yay!

Vim + Vigor Candles
Decorating my home for the cozy months means lots of candles! These two from Vim + Vigor are super cute and the salted caramel smells delish! It really helps you get in the groove for cozy nights in on the couch! This is a great stocking stuffer too so add it to your gift list! And I love that the jars are made from copper and wood. I totally plan to repurpose them when the candles are burned out.
Plague Slayer Hand Sanitizer
Who would have thought hand sanitizer could be fun! Ballsy makes Plague Slayer with a fun bottle to really make you want to fight those germs. I do not leave home without hand sanitizer. Definitely stock up on some for the holidays because it’s a great stocking stuffer! There is no fragrance so don’t worry if you’re picky about products with a scent! 

Neon Dog Supplies
If you have pets, Neon Dog has a great selection of items to choose from and there are lots of great stocking stuffers too. Now is the time to replace beat up dog beds, replenish that treat jar, and get some new toys to keep your fur babies entertained.

We have an adorable Harry Barker dog toy bin and it looks cute in the house rather than awkward so it pretty much doubles as decor.  It fits a lot of toys and we also replenished our treat stash with some chicken and pumpkin treats to keep the babies occupied when we're getting stuff done.  If you have someone on your list that's a new pet parent, definitely consider shopping Neon Dog to get them some supplies!

How cute are these babies from Succulents Box? You can actually give someone the gift of a box of succulents which are organically grown and pretty low maintenance. They come with identification cards and a care card so you can help them acclimate to your home.  And you even get some cute stickers with them.  If you have a houseplant addict on your list or even someone that has none and could use a few to brighten up their home or office space, this is a GREAT idea.  They come so well packaged there was no damage or mess. 
You can't go wrong getting someone calendars to prepare for the next year, which is hopefully better than this one.   Workman Publishing has plenty of awesome 2021 calendars .  

For the plant lover, check out the Plant Love Calendar. It's got beautiful photos of homes styled with houseplants and has really spacious blocks for each day of the year. 

For the dog lover, you have my personal favorite, the Dog Mom Calendar is beautiful and printed on very nice firm cardstock.  It's actually a 17 month calendar which I love! It comes with stickers that are themed for your pooch for play dates, supply runs, and other fun things.  I love the to do list on the sidebar because I always like to make reminders of things I need to focus on in coming months. 

Whether you have a new homeowner on your gift list or someone that just loves to keep their home neat and tidy (like me!), Persik has some great items that will bring a smile to their face.  My personal favorite is the Pure-Sky Ultra Microfiber Floor Mop because it's SO easy to use and it works SO well on tough stains and marks on my hardwood and vinyl floors. The length is adjustable and the handle is so comfortable.  It was always a huge ordeal and an annoying chore to clean my floors but now I do it weekly.   And you can use it dry when you just want to pick up loose debris and dust (or fur from your dogs like I always do!).  But really, I love using it as a wet mop because it's the only thing I've found that I can actually comfortably scrub with. Also load up on the Floor and Multipurpose Cloths because not only can it be attached to the mop pole but it can be used wet and dry and I love using it for dusting surfaces.  It's so soft and easy to reuse! Anyone who loves homegoods will appreciate these gifts!

I am in LOVE with these boots and they're a great gift idea for the holidays.  They're cozy and warm and so easy to get on and off.  I can wear them on my nature walks and when I go exploring and not have to worry about getting my feet wet or my running sneakers dirty.  Sperry is my favorite brand of footwear for boots.

They totally go with pretty much any outfit I wear and they are great when you are headed into the office and don't want to trek through messy weather.  Just throw these on and either change out of them when you get to work or keep them on all day because they are THAT comfortable! 

These are super fun for any plant lover on your list because they're gender neutral, eco-friendly, and under $27! They come in a beautiful box that has instructions on the side.  

Inside they are neatly packaged.  They open so nicely and of course something I really worry about is if they made it to me alright when I get plants in the mail.

Well, they did and they looked great! I mean how cute!?  Succulents are a great gift and if you can't be with someone in person, this is a safe bet to mail as a gift for them because it's packaged with so much care!

Photowall Canvas
So this is a fabulous idea for anyone really because who doesn't love displaying photos in their home? Photowall has great options for custom photo prints and canvases.  Look at how ours turned out! I actually put together the frame and everything with the easy instructions that came with and I love the quality.  It was easy to assemble and hang but canvas prints aren't your only option for Photowall products. Also - use code askawayblog25 for 25% off from now through the end of the year!

There are framed prints, posters, and even wallpaper and murals that you can choose from if you know someone on your list has a knack for designing their space.  For the custom side of things, it was super easy to upload a photo of my choice though and shipping was nice and fast.  Look around on the Photowall website and you will be very impressed. This is also a great company to keep in mind for your own home design and improvements.  I know I'll be keeping an eye on their wallpaper for when we update some parts of our home.  

So these are GREAT as a gift for people that really like comfort with their masks but are also very active. I move around so much that I feel like my mask is constantly sliding around but these are great and they stay in place without making me feel "contained".  They are reusable copper masks that actively fight bacteria and destroy them within 4 hours.  I love the tight weave and they are SO comfortable for long periods of time.  If you have a traveler or an athletic person on your list this year - check these out for sure! They make great stocking stuffers!   

Okay, so GWBB is amazing because they are a women owned, lifestyle-inclusive underwear and loungewear brand and the name stands for Girls Will Be Boys. They have boxer briefs and booty briefs that fit so nicely and are SO COMFORTABLE around the house and underneath your outfit when you head out. They're made from cotton and spandex and they are so breathable and are stitched well so they'll hold up.  I am a huge fan of the quality and the colors they come in.  The seams are strategically placed around your sensitive areas instead of right on them. They really are so soft and comfy and would be a great gift for any woman on your list because comfort is a huge gift these days with clothing.  They have other fun items like bike shorts, tanks, and beanies that are comfy and cute and make a really nice statement.  It's going to be a cozy comfy winter for me for sure which GWBB boxers briefs!

This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone that enjoys camping or is very into using eco-friendly products.  GoSun Flatware has a spoon and fork set that folds up into it's own little case so you can reuse it again and again.  It's sleek and compact and is the size of a credit card when folded up and in the case.  You can wash it in the dishwasher and it won't break, stain, or get moldy.  It can be great for someone who is always on the go and has to eat on the run or for someone who likes to bring their own stuff to a cookout rather than use plastic utensils.  Seriously it is also the IDEAL size for a stocking stuffer. 

Coalatatree Clothing has lots of great offerings for people that love getting outdoors and want the best clothing to wear when doing so.   The Evolution Hoodie is so cool because it's made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.  It's the ideal hoodie for travel and adventure.  It has a great zipper pocket that keeps everything inside without having to worry about something getting lost or falling out...like your phone of course.  You can keep your wallet and cash secure so no one can take it and you even clip your keys on. And no matter what it's made from it's still soft as ever and comes in a few great colors.  It's also water repellent and is odor resistant which is thanks to the coffee grounds which are naturally odor-absorbing and since they're woven into the fibers, odor gets trapped.  And it will never lose this feature since the grounds are so embedded into the fabric. 

It's also stain resistant and the craftsmanship is great.  The seams are all really strong so you can really wear this and be active and outdoors and not have to worry.  And to top it all off you can actually fold it into itself so it packs down small which means it takes up less space in your luggage and gear when you travel or are outdoors and aren't wearing it. 

Parabo Press has awesome gifts for anyone on your list this year like photobooks, clip lights, and even canvas prints of your favorite photos.  We added a canvas print of Daisy to our dog wall in the living room! 

The prices are great and shipping was handled perfectly.  I loved opening my package and seeing Daisy's adorable face staring back at me! I really love their Clip Lights too because you can hang your own photos from them and enjoy the beautiful lights!


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  1. The Pumpkin Spice skincare stuff sounds right up my street! This is a great list. Fortunately I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping this year.

    Tea in the Tub

    1. Always a good idea to get it done early! That’s what I usually aim for!

  2. You picked such great thing! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. You picked such great thing! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Thank you for great ideas. I'm not in the Christmas spirit this year and it's been difficult shopping. I really like the masks, the succulents and the reed defuser but I'm unsure if it's safe to use around pets.

    1. I use diffusers in my home around my pets. I just don’t diffuse anything that’s not good for them. You can google which essential oils are safe for pets :)


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