How I Organized After Watching The Home Edit Series on Netflix

Monday, December 7, 2020

Unless you were living under a rock this year, you probably saw everyone buzzing about The Home Edit series Get Organized on Netflix in September.  And better than that, you may have noticed on social media everyone showing off their newly organized spaces and perhaps like me on your evening walks you noticed lots of extra trash as people finally went through their homes to remove the junk.  Well, I'm already a pretty organized person but any show like this gives me some extra motivation so I actually went through different areas of my home to fine tune it. 


If you haven't watched the show or previously seen the gorgeous and jaw dropping Instagram feed of The Home Edit, let me recap their method. 
When organizing any space (it's recommended to start small at first so even just a drawer can help you practice for the big spaces), you need to remove everything from it.  This lets you see what you're working with and let's you look at the space you have to fill.  
This is where you group things together so if you're going through a junk drawer you may want to put all of the gift cards together, the notepads together, and whatever else you come across. You may also find you have some things that don't belong in this spot, so you can put them into the proper location in your home.
This is where you edit out the things you don't need.  There may be excessive duplicates of something like 5 pairs of scissors and not only do you need less but two pairs are broken or really old. 
Now you get to put things back and use containers and organizers to keep them together.
This is where you use labels to keep your spot organized and ensure that you will always put things back in the correct spot so you can maintain the organization.

My Closet
This was a fun one. While I didn't have a ton of clothing to edit, I ended up turning the hangers on the left side of my closet so that those clothing items face me.  
I also was able to eliminate an entire organizer of shoes because I was holding onto cute pairs that I didn't wear because they were uncomfortable.  I ended up taking my bags out of their dustbags and displaying them nicely by color (The Home Edit ladies love using a rainbow) and now I can see them all instead of having to dig through the dustbag to see what color bag is in there. 

I was also able to move my jewelry box off my dresser and into my closet.  I paired down a lot of items and rearranged how they were organized. I did my hanging costume jewelry on the wall like before but got rid of some pieces I never wear. And of course my bracelets which I wear most often, are displayed by color!

Linen Closet/Cleaning Closet
This space really needed some work.  I was able to get rid of things and rearrange so things fit better. I had an old blanket on the top shelf that I ended up giving to a neighbor. It was huge and had taken up so much space.  The result...

Laundry Room
In our laundry room which is somewhat unfinished, we have these cabinets on the wall that were a hot mess.  By removing everything and categorizing it, I was able to purge a bunch of stuff and rearrange the rest.  I used bins I already had to save money, which is what I highly recommend you do rather than run to the store to spend hundreds.

Utility Closet
This closet looks great now but as you'll see below it used to be a hot mess. By removing everything I was able to see what things go together and how they could be put back in a way that looks nice but is still functional.

The office wasn't that bad originally but it still had too much stuff and the way it was organized made it look too busy and I hate a busy room because it's hard to focus, which is what I do in that room since I've been working from home.  Removing everything really helped me see how much I had and also how I hadn't grouped things well enough before. It used to look like this:
With the breathing room now it looks so much better! 

I highly recommend the series if you want to get super motivated to do your own home.  And now that the weather is colder and we're stuck inside, it's the perfect time to make a list of all the areas you want to organize and then after the holidays, break them into sections to work at for a day or a week at a time. 

Did you watch the series and go crazy like everyone else? Let me hear about it!
Also I share a ton of my organized spots on my Instagram so make sure to follow me!

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  1. What's funny is I'd typically consider myself a chaotically organized person (if that's a thing) where it might look disorganized from an outside perspective but works for me but lately I've been trying to be more organized and have actually begun to like it better as a matter of fact. Your setup looks good though.


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