5 Pet Tips for New Owners

Thursday, December 17, 2020


Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! Actual children aside, bringing home a new pet is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. We know you’re excited, but we also understand if you’re a little nervous. Parenthood is a huge milestone!

After all, you want your new pet to be happy, healthy, and comfortable in their new environment. Rest assured—we have all the tips you need to ease your mind and let you get back to focusing on what a good boy or girl they are.

#1 Research, Research, Research

Preparing to welcome a Great Dane into your home looks a lot different than preparing for a Siamese cat. Regardless of your new pet’s size or species, you need to do some serious research. Reading up on your pet’s breed can make you knowledgeable about things like:

● Breed-specific health issues

● Ideal diet

● Temperament

● Exercise needs

● Dangerous foods or plants

#2 Pet-Proof Your Home

Chances are, you’re going to have to make some changes to ensure your home is pet friendly. Baby gates and child-proof latches are about to become central parts of your everyday life.

Not only will pet-proofing your home save your favorite pair of slippers from becoming chew toys, but it will also protect your fur baby from consuming hazardous household cleaners or chocolate (yes, chocolate really is poisonous for dogs).

#3 Get Ready For Some Serious Soothing

No matter how warm of a welcome you give your new pet, adjusting to a new home can be anxiety-provoking on their end. Be ready to comfort the new addition to your family, and don’t take their move-in jitters personally.

Soft bedding, tasty treats, and plenty of belly rubs can do wonders to help your pet settle in. You can also supplement your soothing with CBD for pets. CBD helps reduce anxiety and provides the same well-being-boosting benefits as it does for humans—plus it’s completely safe and 100% natural.

Your furry friend will feel right at home before you know it (perhaps too at home if your chewed-up slippers or stolen underwear are any indications).

#4 You Need a Great Vet

Having a great vet on speed dial (is that a thing anymore?) will give you peace of mind if your pet starts experiencing any health issues. Knowing who to call (aside from Ghostbusters) will encourage you to act quickly should any problems arise. Plus, even the healthiest pets need regular check-ups.

When you bring your new pet home, set up an initial visit to take care of things like:

● Spaying or neutering

● Heartworm medicine

Tracking chips

● Vaccinations

● Parasite prevention

#5 Put Quality Time in Your Schedule

You already know you’re going to want to spend every waking minute with your new pet, but life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Clear your schedule as much as possible right out the gate.

One thing most people don’t tell you about becoming a pet parent is that you’re going to feel torn between spending time with your pet and sticking to your other obligations (pet parent guilt is real).

If you do have to be away from home for an extended amount of time, make a plan. Whether you fence-in your backyard and install a doggie or kitty door, hire a professional walker, or enlist a friend to make regular house calls, make sure your pet is still getting everything they need while you’re gone (aside from your undying love, of course). 

You’re Going to Be a Pet Parenting Pro

We could go on and on about how great being a pet owner is, but we won’t. Instead, we’ll leave you with one last piece of advice—don’t forget to appreciate every moment as a new pet owner. They grow up so fast!

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