Your Wardrobe Maintenance To Do List

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Since we're all stuck at home and it's Winter, now is a great time to go through your wardrobe to get things cleaned, fixed and repaired for when the nice weather is back and you are ready to show off your outfits in public.  Most people don't take advantage of this time of year to do a little maintenance to their wardrobe so here are some things you should consider.

Dry cleaning
Now is the time to gather your dresses, light jackets, and anything else that may need dry cleaned.  You can drop it off at your local dry cleaner and  not worry about being in a rush to pick it up.  There are a lot of items like cocktail dresses and formal wear that we just stuff in a closet until we need it again.  Then, when the time comes that we need it, we notice stains and wrinkles and freak out because we have to rush to get it cleaned before the big day you need to wear it.  Save yourself the stress and do it now.
Repair torn clothing
Look through all of your clothing and pull out anything with tears, rips, holes, fraying seams, and any other type of damage.  This is where you decide what to do with them.  If you know how to fix holes yourself, get the sewing kit out and get to work.  You can also drop them off somewhere to have a professional repair them.  There are some pieces you may not be able to replace so keep those out (we'll get to that next) because if you put them away again, when you go to wear them next, you'll be bummed out when you notice the damage.
Replace worn items
If you have some really worn out stuff whether it's jeans, basic tank tops, underwear, or even socks, now is the time to replace those.  Pull those items out and write them down on a shopping list.  This will make it much easier next time you're running errands or even if you order from the comfort of your own home.  You will be able to replace the damaged items so that you never go without them, because you planned ahead and got them out of your wardrobe.  There's nothing worse than heading to work and noticing one of your socks has a hole in them. Get those damaged items that can't be repaired OUT of your wardrobe. 
Get shoes and bags repaired 
Whether it's Balenciaga shoe repair or  a Louis bag that needs cleaned and fixed up, now is the time to go through your shoes and bags.  Look for holes, worn down soles, and items that are dirty beyond your cleaning capabilities. Look especially close at your finest most expensive pieces because those are the ones that are really worth having repaired.  Often times, it's more affordable to have your best items repaired than letting them wear out so you can no longer wear them!
So get to work this Winter and do some wardrobe maintenance so you're ready to show off your best outfits for Spring!

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