How I Am Staying Safe, Healthy, and Sane These Days + A Giveaway

Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Well, we all knew this post was coming.  I mean how could I not give advice on what to do during these crazy times.  I figured I'd share what I've been doing on all levels- physically, mentally, and emotionally, to keep myself safe, healthy, and sane while I live through this pandemic. 

Staying Home
I am able to work my full time job from home since March which is great for me.  But beyond that, I really do stay home.  I go to doctor's appointments and take my dogs to vet appointments but besides that, if I want food, I order delivery or curbside pickup, if I need a product, I order from online, and I have my groceries delivered through Instacart in order to avoid coming in contact with other people.   I mean, it's honestly beneficial because I'm not out running around leisurely shopping and spending money I don't really need to spend.  

Staying Active
I take daily walks every day no matter what the weather is like and it has really helped my sanity to get out and get fresh air.  It really boosts my mood and it has also help me lose weight and stay active as I watch what I eat.   I put on my favorite pieces of activewear and my headphones and head outside sometimes 3 times a day to get my steps in and jam out and let my mind wander.
Staying Spiritual
I take time to be mindful and journal and celebrate certain aspects of life this year in a spiritual manner.  Embracing my spirituality also helped me deal with losing Stella, my chihuahua, in July.  I try to meditate when I can and sometimes just let myself rest and relax while some incense burns.

Staying Sanitized
I keep my home extra clean and wipe down surfaces and common touch points me and my husband use on a daily basis.  Sanitizing wipes have made that very easy and I'm also washing my hands just like we have been advised to.   I keep hand sanitizer in my car, purse, home office, and every room in my home. 

Wearing a Mask 
I wear my mask whenever I leave my house if I have to run an errand myself and if I come into contact with anyone that isn't in my household bubble.  I have many masks but my favorite is the AirQUEEN Nano Fiber Mask. It's the most comfortable mask I've worn yet and it's SO lightweight.  It actually gives my mouth plenty of space so that I can breathe and talk more comfortably and each mask is individually wrapped. The adjustable nose piece is perfect and fits my face and nose like a glove.  I can even wear my glasses and not really have any issues.  This is a great equivalent to the N95 mask and it brings you an average of 97% protection.  Wearing my mask is me doing my part. They even have masks for kids!

And now for a giveaway!

I've teamed up with AirQUEEN to bring you a giveaway to win 10 of their AirQUEEN Nano Fiber Masks! The giveaway is open to the US only.

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  1. All great tips on staying safe during these hard times. I like the thin hand sanitizer you could slip it almost anywhere easily especially a back pocket on your jeans. Hope your weekend was good. xoxo Kris


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